Bongani Fassie (born August 26, 1985) is a South African musician. He is a member of the musical group Jozi. He is prominent for being the only son of the late South African singer, songwriter, and dancer Brenda Fassie.

Fassie is making headlines lately for being in a lengthy court battle with his mother’s producer. His mother inspired him a lot. Today, he followed in her musical steps.

Brenda wanted her son to be a lawyer so he would defend all she accomplished.

Bongani Fassie
Bongani Fassie biography
Bongani Fassie is the Chief Executive Officer of Fassie Records.
Quick Facts
Name:Bongani Fassie
Born:August 26, 1985 (age 37 years)
Place of Birth:South Africa
Nationality:South African
Parents:Brenda Fassie, Dumisane Ngubeni
Occupation:Musician, movie producer
Label:Fassie Records
Music group:Jozi
Spouse:Buhle Sangweni
Net Worth:R35 million

Early life

Bongani Fassie was born on August 26, 1985, to Brenda Fassie and Dumisane Ngubeni. His parents were both in the music industry. His father played the keyboard in the band, Big Dudes. 

His mother was the legendary singer, songwriter, and activist Brenda Fassie.

Growing up, Bongai spent the most time with his mother and developed an interest in music. His mother wanted him to practice Law, but he chose to follow her musical steps.



After spending time with his mother, he developed a great passion for music. His mother, who has already achieved a lot in the music industry, tried advising him to be a lawyer. The profession would make him defend her fortune.

Bongani, who did not want to be a Lawyer, joined the group Jozi. The group members include Bongani Fassie, Da L.E.S, and Ishmael. At first, he joined the musical band, Big Dudes.

Fassie is very talented with musical instruments. He plays the congas, drums, piano, and guitar. In 2013, the fast-rising music personality dropped the album Rise. Earlier in 1996, he released the album African Boys.

Bongani has dropped many singles and has worked with many local musicians.

Movie Production

Bongani Fassie
Bongani Fassie in 2022,

Bongani Fassie wants to drop a biopic of his late mother titled Brenda: The True Story. He won a court case against his late mother’s former manager and producer, Sello Chicco Twala.

Brenda Fassie Estate, Bongani Fassie, and Legaci Nova Entertainment have partnered with Showbiz Bee to produce a film on Brenda’s life.

TV Show

Bongani recently landed a reality television show called Finding Bongani Fassie. Tweeps love it and discuss every episode on social media platforms.

On the show, Bongani discusses him and lets viewers know who he is in real life.

Personal Life


The award-winning producer Bongani Fassie is a father and husband. He has been with his wife, Buhle Sangweni, for over fourteen years. Though, their marriage might not be where he wanted it to be. On camera, his wife admitted that he slaps him.

Fassie has named his daughter after his mother, Brenda Nombuso Fassie, and his son after himself, Bongani Jr.


His late mother, Brenda Fassie, is known to many in South Africa as Black Madonna. She was a legendary singer and iconic dancer. She suffered from an asthma attack.

In the hospital, she lay in a coma and later died. She left her children a legacy for generations.

Social Media

The reality television star Bongani is active on Instagram and is accessible via the username @bonganifassie. He has decent followers with who he shares engaging content.

Net worth

Bongani Fassie has spent decades in the South African entertainment industry. 

Lately, the case he won against his mother’s former record label reportedly made him about R20 million richer. He has a net worth of around R35 million as of August 2022.