Victoria Rubadiri biography, age, daughter, profile & pregnancy

Victoria Rubadiri (born 28th January 1987 in Kenya) is a news anchor. She currently works at NTV, a Kenyan general entertainment channel.


Victoria Rubadiri biography
Victoria Rubadiri is a Kenyan reporter and news anchor.
NameVictoria Rubadiri
Age33 years old
Date of birth28th January 1987
BirthdayJanuary 28th
EducationTemple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Alma materBroadcast Journalism
ProfessionNews anchor


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I’ve always wanted to fit in. I’ll admit it’s been a weakness of mine. I guess it stemmed from that insecure 10-year-old Kenyan girl trying to find a place in this ‘New World,’ called America. My ‘funny accent,’ and ‘funny name,’ would ensure my square peg would never fit in their round holes. A decade ago when I returned to Kenya, after 14 years in the US, I was met with the same dilemma this time trying to fit in to a culture that was my own but was so foreign. Again my ‘funny accent,’ 😜and ‘funny name,’ (Rubadiri is Malawian🇲🇼) made sure of that. I realised the harder I tried to fit in, the louder my difference would SCREAM. Something helped though and that was becoming a journalist right when I got back home. It turned me into a student of my Kenyan people, language and peculiarities. Every story I told was a lesson. Each year I grew in my career, I accepted my ‘outsider’ tag a bit more and used it to my advantage. I gained a unique perspective on the world around me and tried to articulate that through my storytelling. Not having the comfort of ‘belonging’ kept me hungry to learn more and strive to tell a story as it is. It is a privilege to do what I do and give my audience a view of their world through my lens. Once I accepted that I’m terrible at fitting in and better off working on myself and my craft that changed everything for me. So here’s to the outsiders, the misfits, the quirky, awkward, quiet ones. Celebrate your difference, while daring to shape the world around you. #TuesdayThoughts💭 #Thankful 🙏🏽#IntrovertsSpeakToo😏 📢#AcceptandMoveOn💃🏾

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Her date of birth is on the 28th of January 1987 and the place of birth is in Kenya. Victoria Rubadiri is 33 years old. Her birthday celebration comes up every year on 28th January.


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Happy Friday, good people!!🤗

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She revealed that she fell pregnant at the age of 18, the issue made her ‘desperate’. She taught of procuring an abortion.

In an interview session, Vicky shared her ‘devastation and desperation’ upon discovering the unplanned pregnancy.

She became pregnant while studying journalism at Temple University, US.

“Vicky shared how she resolved to get an abortion, it was the only solution in her mind at that time.

Upon revealing her pregnancy to the family, her dad ‘ruled out’ the abortion. The whole family helped her through it.

She returned with her family to Kenya in 2010, this was one year after she graduated. Vicky stayed with them while she tried looking for a job.


She became a mother at a very young age and it was not easy for her. The baby’s father did not want anything to do with the child. 

Victoria says that at one point she taught of abortion, her child is now alive because of the support her family gave her. 

She had her baby girl during her days in the university, the name of Victoria Rubadiri’s daughter is Neema.


She attended Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Victoria Rubadiri obtained a Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Journalism from the institution.


She joined Nation Media Group and worked as a Reporter and News Anchor in 2012. 

Earlier, she worked as a Business journalist at Capital FM. In 2008, she served as an assistant to CEO at Angela Crockett Enterprises Inc.

Before the position, she served as an Intern an Assignment Desk Editor at WMGM-NBC 40 TV.

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