Tumelo Ramaphosa Age, Biography, Tattoos, Girlfriend, Style, Mother & Career

The First Son (born Tumelo Ramaphosa) is an entrepreneur and the son of the president to South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa. The handsome young man received the crown as the new national bae.

According to thenation.co.za, Tumelo calls himself “the Alpha Wolf”, especially on social media.


Tumelo Ramaphosa Age
Tumelo Ramaphosa, Founder & CEO StudEx pitch.

Tumelo Ramaphosa is 31 years old and is not afraid to protect endangered species from danger.


Tumelo loves adorning himself with tattoos, his latest tattoo is the claw of Wolverine, a marvel comic character. He has a tattoo drawn on his left arm and another on his right chest.


Tumelo’s mother is the first lady, Dr. Tshepo Motsepe-Ramaphosa. She is a medical doctor by profession and holds a Master’s Degree in public health from Harvard. She is the daughter of the late Chief Augustine Butana Chaane Motsepe.

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He left many girls crushing on him silent after he announced that he was a spoken for man in 2018. The name of his girlfriend is Kelebogile Shomang, whom he shared few pics of on social media.

Nkgono Neria, a South African journalist, tweeted, “R1 million bounty for anyone who hooks me up with Tumelo ‘Yaka’ Ramaphosa. “

Following the tweet, Tumelo responded that he was not interested, he had a beautiful girlfriend.


According to his profile on Instagram, Tumelo loves to visit the gym and has a rugby player thighs and biceps to show for it.

Tumelo is obsessed with wolves, especially the likes found in scary movies. He is a batman lover and writes about his intention to buy a Batman’s mural.

He is a carbon-copy of his father, the president, with a close look you will see the resemblance.

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Dennis Maponya, an image consultant and fashion designer, says he concurs with the ladies who crowned him “the new national bae”.

“He is striking because he takes pride in his appearance and works out to have a well-chiseled body which appeals to many. 

“Also the fact that he is not a spoilt brat as he works two jobs and is also the founder and CEO of Studex Wild Life with a master’s degree from Hult International Business School,” says Manthata.


He has the mission to preserve and protect endangered species especially from hunters, predators, diseases, and poachers. He trades these animals in locations they are not needed.

Manthata says a picture speaks a thousand words. Merely looking at Ramaphose’s online posts, he can tell that he is a dandy man with a bold sense of style.


“He reminds me of hip-hop mogul Russell Simonds. He is nonchalant in his demeanor and gives attention to his appearance with the way he fuses streetwear with formal wear,” Manthata adds.

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“I don’t fancy tattoos, but tattoos have sentimental meaning for a lot of people and are still fashionable. 

They look good on him. I think the best tats are those that can be exposed sometimes or covered when there’s a need to do so.”

Manthata also added that young politicians can learn a thing or two from Tumelo.

“He is a metro male who takes care of his skin and beard which gives him a masculine and sexy look that many ladies find appealing.

“He is not afraid to push fashion boundaries. He can be dapper yet casual at the same time, by combining a tailored look with either a cap or beanie making him a style star to watch,” says Manthata.

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