TT Comedian biography: who are his parents, country, and real names?

TT Comedian (born Terence Mwamadi; 3 July 2016) is a Kenyan content creator and comedian. The youngster has made many laugh out loud with the funny videos.⁠

He might be the youngest comedian in Kenya yet his hilarious videos have gained him the love of many viewers. He gained ground in 2020 during the nationwide lockdown following the global pandemic.⁠

This created him with enough time to focus on his content since many other activities were on hold. He has ever since grown to be a name in the entertainment industry.⁠


TT Comedian background
NameTerence Mwamadi
Other namesTT Comedian
Born3 July 2016 (age 5 years)
EducationPupil in PP1
ParentsTriza Damillola (mother)
Mjukuu Mwamadi (father)
PlatformsSocial media, YouTube


TT Comedian was born Terence Mwamadi on 3 July 2016. With the support he receives from his parents, he could achieve anything as a young comedian.⁠

His parents are notable personalities in the Kenyan entertainment industry. TT comedian’s mother’s name is Triza Damillola (popular as Atotty KE) and his father, Mjukuu Mwamadi is popular as Chikunde.⁠

Together, they have given birth to a celebrity kid who is making a name for himself in the Kenyan entertainment scene.


TT Comedian biography

The 5-year-old is a pupil in PP1 and would join Grade 1 in the next academic session (2022). When he is not having academic lessons or studying, creating his videos occupies him.⁠


The talented young comedian did not wake up one day to convince his parents to do comedy, his skills date back to his younger days.⁠

Although, the current status and exposure of his parents might have played a huge role in his stand today. However, the youngster’s talent brought him fame.⁠

On his channel on YouTube, named after him, he has gathered a lot of viewership and followership and is managed by his parents.⁠

His videos gain thousands of views and engagements both on YouTube and Instagram. He has also collaborated with other big names in the industry including Jalang’o.⁠

Comedy videos⁠

  • Ujana Mjini
  • Miguu Baba Yangu
  • Matokeo Ya Mtihani
  • Mwalimu Mlafi
  • Majukumu
  • Ulimi Ukiteleza
  • Pesa Ya Mchango
  • Pastor alisema Nini
  • Pata Potea
  • Jifunze Kuishi na Watu
  • Hesabau Imekataa
  • Baba Yao
  • Ugali Haina Aibu
  • Sukari Ya Mama Mdogo
  • Shaolin Temple
  • Heshima Ya Chakula
  • TT Comedian meets Jalango
  • Mwanamke Roho Chafu
  • Deni Ya Hoteli
  • Mama Mdogo⁠


He is active on social media and shares fresh content and previews on these platforms. On his YouTube Channel, he updates three times a week and has many contents with millions of views.

⁠He is also active on Facebook (734,559 followers), Instagram (32.6k followers), and Twitter. 


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