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Toro Aramide (born in Nigeria) is a renowned producer and actress. The beauty is popular for appearing in the movie Ogoji, a movie she produced.

Though the entertainment industry is filled with different talents, she has managed to grow popular.

The United Kingdom-based popular figure has grown to a big name in entertainment.  Even with her indoor personality, she is a fan favorite.


Toro Aramide biography
Toro Aramide picture.
NameToro Aramide
Other namesTorolicious
Nationality Nigerian
Marital statusMarried
ProfessionProducer, actress
Years active2019-date


Her love for acting dates back to her childhood days when she started to act.

As a child, she was confident that acting is what she can very well with or without help. Her love for act started during these days and has grown stronger.

During her school days, Toro actively took part in stage plays to represent her institution.

The Genesis

The actress has always had an interest in acting for a long time. Even with her strong passion for arts, she couldn’t rush into the industry.

One of her reasons for delaying entering the industry was that her children were still young at that time.

The delay did not affect the actress much, Toro knew that she got what it takes to survive in the industry.

Allowing patience to intervene, she waited for the time to ripe and the connection.

The right time finally came with her connect, then decided to enter the entertainment industry.

The career journey started after she told herself that “the time had come”. Taking a step forward, she spoke to a friend of hers Mercy Aigbe, and asked her if she could coordinate a script.


In 2019, she began her profession as an actress after she interpreted a major role in a film.

As a producer, she is the brain behind the production of the movie Ogoji. She appeared in the movie playing about three scenes.

She has produced another movie titled Eniobanke. She was also a cast in her second film.

The Nigerian-born producer was working on another production as of February 2020.

The cast on her third movie would be released after the movie is available.

The Nigerian entertainment industry is known to be challenging. The actress has already discovered a few of these challenges. 

Toro saw sexualizing of women in the industry as a challenge. In an interview session with Independent Newspaper she says that many (both men and women) think that actresses are sexual objects.

With that in mind, they throw advances at these public figures. The other challenge that she mentioned was that of copyright.

The actress further mentioned that there are roles in the acting scene she wouldn’t take.

She will reject any role that affects her mental health or is against what she stands for.


The popular producer is a wife and mother. Toro Aramide’s marriage with her husband has been blessed with three children.

Her family has supported her a lot and she couldn’t be more thankful.

Their understanding also means a lot to her. Although being a mother and an actress hasn’t been easy, but Toro tries to balance it.


Toro Aramide always appears in dresses that make many give her a stunning look.

On her fashion sense, simplicity is her watchword. The nine-lettered word has influenced her style of fashion to a large extent.

Aramide wants to look good and comfortable in her dresses. Hey! Don’t think being simple has to do with cheap, the actress appears in a luxury outfit.


Today celebrities have employed the use of social media to grow their brand and keep their followers and fans engaged. 

The actress is one of those who are utilizing these platforms.

On Instagram, Torolicious, as her account reads, has over forty-two thousand followers.

She updates followers and fans on her family, love life, professional progress, and more.


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