Thandi Moraka Biography, Tribalism Allegation, Denial, MEC & Qualifications

Thandi Moraka is the Limpopo’s Arts and Culture MEC. He was later accused of tribalism following the forced off stage of Dr. Thomas at the Mapungubwe Arts Festival.

Thandi Moraka Biography
Appointed MEC for Sport, Arts, and Culture in Limpopo, Thandi Moraka

The 4 days music event was concluded on Sunday, with great performances from Thomas Chauke, Makhadzi, and Master KG.


Thanda Moraka’s qualifications, profile, and education are available on the Limpopo MEC Profile.

Tribalism Allegation

Fans reacted to the incident after “the anticipation for Thomas Chauke was cut short after an on-stage mix upended the veteran musician’s performance on his second song.”

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Ollies Maluleke, who claims ownership if the viral video, the unannounced end of Thomas Chauke’s performance initiated and instructed by an irritated Thandi Moraka.

On Social media, Facebook to be precise, Maluleke further accused the Arts and Culture MEC of tribalism. According to his statement, she said that “Tsongas (Makwapa) make noise and she does not even hear what Dr. Chauke sings about.”

This impromptu end of performance led to frustration from fans and demanded either a boycott of the festival or Moraka’s position.


Moraka broke the silence and replied to the back clash. She denied the allegations and labeled these accusations as baseless. She defended herself by stressing that she personally “insisted on Chauke to be included on the lineup.”

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“These allegations are baseless. I don’t deal with artists, I was not even close to that process of managing the flow and movement of artists. 

“I came onto the stage because they said, MEC, it is time for you to come and introduce the surprise artists. 

“This is something that is so unfortunate and we need to apologise to Chauke and his supporters,” she said.

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The Arts and Culture department also responded to the accusation. According to the department, the incident was an unfortunate mix up that got blown out of proportion on social media.

“There was a crossover item which was planned prior and that’s what led to this unfortunate incident involving Chauke.

The MEC personally met with Chauke off stage after his performance on the night and apologised with the manner n which he was treated on stage by the stage managers,” the department mentioned.



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  2. I think she cannot accept that indeed she had done wrong because ANC members does not do wrong or make mistakes they are always correct even where they are wrong.If the is prove that she did all this stupid things the premier must act against her to preserve stability and the hardworking of the people of Limpopo to fight tribalism and all forms of intolerance to make Limpopo to be where it is to day and tribalism is a venom that needs to be prevented b4 it suffocate our country like it happens in some African state.Remember what happen in Randwa,Burundi and South Sudan because of this poison of tribalism so it must be condem in whatever form it deserve.leader like thandi Moroka must be left on the cold by the province and the Anc if the allegations is truth.

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