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Tessa Twala (born 1990) is a beautiful and gifted South African actress. One of her best-known roles is the Mzansi Magic soap opera Zabalaza.

She played a PR assistant Lexi Thabane who realizes that will never get equal treatment at her place of work Slick Vic Media. So joins a rival company to play the politics and gain more positions of power. 

She is also known for appearing in the 2020 movie titled Kedibone and was admired for her “beauty”.

Tessa Twala
Tessa Twala has revealed new body after undergoing 4D liposculpture on her stomach.
Background Information
Full Name:Tessa Twala
Born:1990 (age: 32 years)
Alma mater:n/a
Occupation:Entrepreneur • Model • Actress
Husband • Boyfriendn/a
Net Worth:US$200,000

Early Life

Tessa Twala was born in 1990 in a landlocked called Swaziland. She relocated to the populous city of Johannesburg in South Africa at 22. 

She had to leave her country to find greener pastures in the movie industry.

Growing up she did not speak the English language until she was 7 years. Tessa did not undergo any formal training as an actress. Although, she attended some lessons and experience taught her the rest.

Tessa Twala was a novice without experience when she joined the local soap opera Zabalaza. She adapted quickly because she had always wanted to do acting. 


Tessa Twala has postponed her marketing management studies at the University of South Africa for now.


She started working at the age of 15 as a waitress and had also done other jobs like bartending promotions, and modeling. She has also tried to work at the bank. 

Twala worked as a consultant for a payment solutions company. Working there was challenging for her, one of their clients had ‘sexist tendencies’. She had to quit the job immediately. 

Without an experience in acting, Twala was cast on season 3 of the now-defunct Mzansi Magic soap opera Zabalaza as Lexi.

She landed another big role as Gugu in the Mzansi Magic telenovela Ring of Lies. 

Personal Life

Tessa Twala is among the sexiest celebrities in South Africa. She shared a video of her and her best friend cozying up. She also revealed in a recent story that she almost died when she was a baby.

She is yet to reveal who the lucky man in her life is. However, South Africans think the mysterious man she shared in the earlier mentioned video was her boyfriend

The gifted actress is an aunt to 4 lovely kids. She moved to South Africa to join her mother who lived and work in Cape Town, South Africa.

Ring of Lies

Tessa Twala acts as Gugu in the popular television series Ring of Lies. The character is a girl growing up with care from both parents. Her mother died when she was a toddler.

She becomes a loose cannon after growing up under the care of her aunt. Her aunt, who is now her guardian, gave her the love and affection. As a teenager, Gugu finds freedom but misuses it.

Finer things of life become what she so much loves and then falls in love with a man. The man was far older than she is but she cared less because her desire for a lavish lifestyle was stronger.

She was ill-treated by a man when she needed money for school supplies. In a bid to find love, Gugu throws herself at anyone she thinks would love her. Eventually, Gugu fell in love with Kabelo, who is her age.

Social Media

Beautiful actress Tessa Twala has a lot to share on her social media profiles. She does promotions and shares beautiful pictures of her and her work.

She has promoted many brands like JVA Medical Suites, Bacher and Co., and more. She loved going out and her choice of travel is superb.


Entangled asTshepi
Zabalaza as Lexi Thabane
Ring of Lies as Gugu
My Perfect Family as Thando Nkosi
It’s Complicated as Fhuthi
Isipho as Mbali
iNumber Number as Naledi

Net Worth

The actress Tessa Twala is living the life and has been estimated to have a net worth of $200,000. She has earned so much from her career as an entrepreneur, model, actress, and promotion deals.


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