Tedd Josiah biography, age, wife, daughter & Instagram

Tedd Josiah (born in 1970) is a Kenyan music producer and musician. The renowned producer started with the group Ebony Affair after which he founded his group, Hart.


Tedd Josiah biography
Producer Tedd Josiah narrating his last moments with his late wife.
NameTedd Josiah
Age50 years
Late wifeRegina Katar (m. ?- 2017)
ProfessionMusician, music producer
Profile of Tedd Josiah, Kenyan musician and producer.


The music producer Josiah’s date of birth is in 1970, Tedd Josiah is about 50 years old.


The Kenyan producer Tedd Josiah was married to Regina Katar. He lost his wife to a short illness in October 2017 after leaving behind a 3-month-old daughter. 

After the incident, Tedd shared with The Nairobian that “his life became rough”.

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Tedd’s marital life was private and was not even known to many until we heard the sad news of his wife’s death.

He said that he wanted his relationship to be private to enable them to focus on building their family.

Together with his wife, Tedd had a beautiful daughter that is a carbon copy of her mother. Tedd enjoys being a father and raising his daughter.

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Tedd is also active on social media, on his Instagram page the producer shares photos of his lifestyles and work. 

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He updates fans and followers on the daily happening of him. He even takes time to share updates on his daughter.



He is a music producer and began his entertainment journey as a musician.

In 1993, Tedd created the group, Hart, after leaving the group Ebony Affair.

After two years, the group disbanded in 1995 then he moved to Sound Studios as a producer. 

After working under the studio for four years, Tedd left and formed his studio called Audio Vault Studios. 

In 2002, the name was changed to Blu Zebra in 2002. Tedd has received credit for the production of compilation albums.

In the album, other popular artistes were featured including Hardstone, Kalamashaka, Gidi Gidi Maji Maji, Necessary Noize, In-Tu, Jimmy Gathu, Maina Kageni, Pete Odera, Ndarling P and Ugandan musician Kawesa.

The renowned personality in the Kenyan entertainment industry is the founder of Kisima Awards. It is the premier yearly musical awards held in Kenya.

Tedd received the Kisima Awards in 2004 under the category of the producer of the year. 

Though he rejected the award citing his position as an organizer of the awards. 

The following year, Tedd resigned from its organizing committee. He has also worked with heavyweights performers like Poxi Presha, Suzzana Owiyo, Achieng’ Abura, Abbi, and Didge among others.

Lately, he has produced for upcoming artists in the industry including Iddi Hemed and Pace Kenya.

Tedd produced music hits by GidiGidi, Necessary Noise, and the likes. 

In the 2007 General election, he campaigned ODM and its presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

After the election, he no longer felt safe during the post-election crisis then he moved to London in 2008. This marked the end of his music producing career.


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