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Tatjana Schoenmaker (born 9 July 1997; Johannesburg) is a multi-award-winning South African swimmer. She has represented the country in many international competitions.

Specializing in breaststroke, the swimmer has taken home many gold and silver medals. The swimming juggernaut has many records in international competitions to her name.

Some of the records Tatjana set include Gold medal in 200m breaststroke and silver medal in 100m breaststroke at the 2020 Olympic Games. Tatjana Schoenmaker holds the world record in the long course 200-meter breaststroke.

With all these records, the list of the best South African female swimmers is incomplete without her name on it.


Tatjana Schoenmaker biography
Tatjana Schoenmaker holds several records and medals as a breaststroke swimmer.
NameTatjana Schoenmaker
Born9 July 1997 (age 24 years)
Johannesburg, South Africa
NationalitySouth African
EducationFinancial Science
Alma materTuks Sports High School
University of Pretoria
BoyfriendRuan Ras
CoachRocco Meiring
Height178 cm (5 ft 10 in)
Weight63 kg (139 lb)
RepresentingSouth Africa


She was born on 9 July 1997 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The athlete spent her early childhood days in Roodepoort before relocating to Pretoria.

Her parents did all within their best abilities to cater for her needs and provided her with the support she needs.

She is a champion in her career today and Tatjana’s father and mother must be very proud of her.


Tatjana is dating a professional South African male swimmer Ruan Ras. The lovebirds have proven that birds of the same feather flock together.

Though fans are left in the dark on how many years they have been a couple. No doubt, their love for each other refreshes and grows stronger by the day.


Speaking of her educational background, Tatjana Schoenmaker is a graduate. For her high school education, she studied at Tuks Sport High School.

After graduating in 2015, she enrolled for a BCom in Financial Science at the University of Pretoria (UP). She finished her undergraduate program in 2020.

Career Background

Tatjana Schoenmaker background
Tatjana represented South Africa at the 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan.

Swimming has been part of her from her childhood days. She has been passionate about it since her tender days, at 5 she was already swimming.

She had her first swimming competition when she was eight years old. Even though she had a special love for swimming, Tatjana Schoenmaker did not make it her main sport. She later did at her latter days in high school.

Records have it that she won a gold medal for 50m Breaststroke at the second Africa Youth Games, Botswana in 2014. At that time, she was sixteen and a high school student in grade 11.

She created a great impression and has managed to maintain that mark ever since at both local and international competitions. More on her achievements was passing the qualification stage of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.


Tatjana Schoenmaker coach
Tatjana Schoenmaker and the man behind all her career’s success Rocco Meiring.

Exposure, brain, talent, and experience, when put together, would yield great performance. Rocco Meiring’s coaching sessions have played a huge role in her achievements so far.

Since he has remained her coach for years, he understands her strengths and weaknesses.

He has been her coach since her days in grade 9. Together with Kaylene Corbett, Rocco coaches her at the Tuks Swimming Club, Pretoria.


Olympic Games

Gold medal2020 Tokyo200 m breaststroke
Silver medal2020 Tokyo100 m breaststroke

World Championships (LC)

Silver medal2019 Gwangju200 m breaststroke

Commonwealth Games

Tatjana entered the 2018 Commonwealth Games and made history. She won gold medals in the 100-meter breaststroke (women) and 200-meter breaststroke (women).

Gold medal2018 Gold Coast100 m breaststroke
Gold medal2018 Gold Coast200 m breaststroke

Summer Universiade

Gold medal2019 Naples100 m breaststroke
Silver medal2017 Taipei200 m breaststroke
Gold medal2019 Naples200 m breaststroke

Summer Olympics

In June 2021, she passed the qualification stage to compete at the 2020 Summer Olympics. She flew her country’s flag and entered the 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan.

She entered the competition as the number one seed and predicted winner of the 200m breaststroke. For the 100m breaststroke, Schoenmaker entered as the number four seed. 


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