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Herholdt (born Sonja Herholdt; 1 December 1952 in the small Gauteng, Nigel) is a South African singer, songwriter, and actress. She made her first singing performance at the age of three (3) at the local community recreation hall.


Sonja Herholdt biography
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She was born on the 1st of December, 1952 in the small Gauteng mining village of Nigel. Sonja Herholdt is 67 years old.


She completed her primary school education at the Afrikaans-medium Tini Vorster Primary. Upon completing her primary school education, she attended John Vorster High School.

Later, attended the Johannesburg (Goudstad) College of Education where she obtained a diploma cum laude in Teaching.

She left her teaching to chase her music career after she met FC Hamman, her husband.


In 1976, Herholdt got married to FC Hamman and started a family. In 1993, their son (youngest) developed an extreme hearing impairment.

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Eventually, she established a school for Afrikaans children with hearing and linguistically problems. The idea was housed in the pre-primary section of Bryanston Primary School.

Following this establishment, she returned to her teaching career and taught for a while.


Herholdt survived a serious car accident in 1993 and later her husband divorced her after 21 years of marriage. 

In 2007, in a collaboration with Carel Cronjé, she released her autobiography Sonnja: Meisie van Nigel. She was injured in a robbery while returning from Cronjé’s Johannesburg home that year.


She walked into the spotlight when she did a spot on Gwynneth Ashley Robin’s show. Then she was asked to record Ek Verlang Na Jou.

She won a total of eight (8) Sarie awards. She was the best-selling female artist in South Africa (1970s-80s).

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She appeared as an actress playing the starring role in Sing vir die Harlekyn and won a Rapport Oscar-Award as Best Female Newcomer.

Herholdt is the first-ever South African singer to be invited to perform in the Netherlands on their local Television.

Her song, Oberammergau, was recorded in Dutch. She also performed the song in Belgium which pushed Oberammergau into fifth place in the Belgian charts.

She also performed at the Religious Broadcasting Corporation in Washington 1989.

Herholdt won an award from the Afrikaans Chamber of Commerce for her services to Afrikaans music.



  • Sonja (1976)
  • Sonja Herholdt (1977)
  • On stage/In die kalklig (1978)
  • Waterblommetjies (1978)
  • n Lied vir Kersfees (1979)
  • Harlekyn (Gold) (1979)
  • Grootste Treffers (1980)
  • Waarom Daarom (1981)
  • Reflections (1982)
  • Liefdeslig (1984)
  • Lofsang – Sonja Herholdt en Jan de Wet (1985)
  • Dis net vir jou (1987)
  • Sonja Herholdt sing die Jeugsangbundel (1987)
  • Sonja Herholdt sing die Jeugsangbundel 2 (1988)
  • Tuiskoms (1988)
  • Die Klokkespel ‘Vrede (1989)
  • The Warrior is a Child (1989)
  • n Ster Vanaand (1994)
  • Tuiskoms (1995)
  • More sal die son weer skyn (1996)
  • Ritsel in die Rietbos (1998)
  • Reconstructing Alice (2000)
  • Sonjare
  • 20 Gunsteling treffers
  • Dis Kersfees
  • Sonja Herholdt Skipskop
  • Die mense wat ek liefhet*Gunsteling treffers (1992)
  • Sê die engele moet kyk na my (1994)
  • Die verhale van vrouwees
  • She
  • She The Princess
  • Liefling die movie
  • Pêrels


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