Shauwn Mkhize Biography, Husband, Age, Father, Mansion & Zikhilise

Shauwn Mkhize is a South African (Durban) businesswoman. Her new reality TV show, Kwa Mam’ Mkhize premiered on Mzansi Magic featuring her children Sbahle and Andile Mpisane.


Shauwn Mpisane Biography
Shauwn Mpisane smiling photo

She married Sbu Mpisane but it seems that she has finalized her divorce with her husband. She has dropped the surname.

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She is the daughter of Florence Mkhize, the late ANC veteran and anti-Apartheid activist.


She walked into the spotlight when Zikhulise, her construction company, amassed a huge fortune in 2000. 

Zikhilise built thousand of low-cost houses in and within the eThekwini Municipality area in Durban.

La Lucia Mansion

Shauwn Mpisane mansion

The mansion worth in multi-million rand and is located in the wealthy north Durban suburb of La Lucia. 

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The mansion is under security for 24 hours, with security guards stationed within the property.

During the early days of their wealth, her family hosted celebrity A-listers. This happens every year eve party at the house in the early 2000s.

In 1995, the mansion was bought for an undisclosed amount of money, according to the Sunday Tribune.

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The family went ahead to purchase at least (2) adjoining properties which made their mansion even bigger. The family bought an adjoining property worth R3.5m in 2007.



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    I am very impressed about MaMkhize and i wish to be like her one day and i am struggling to get school i have pass my matric with a Bachelor in my house the have no money to put me into a private college to further my dream careaar in TOURISM STUDIES IF MAMKHIZE COULD help me ill be very happy i am pleasing her

    1. Hi dear

      Just a piece of advice as well, you can also study with nsfas when applying in the universities or at TVET Colleges other than looking for a hand out from Shauwn to be at private college. With that your dreams could come true as well.

    2. Mommy, Mamkhize I don’t know what to say about you because you are so sweet and you are so beautiful and amazing and you are so lovely mama i want to ask you a favor please and I will be happy if you can read this message and acknowledge my gratitude can you please help me out with this problem please I am staying in the the province of free state in Bloemfontein and I am Celtics football club biggest fan so I am feeling a bit sad about this club because of it’s financial constraints so I’m not sure what to expect from you yet again I would like to ask this favor can you kindly loan me some money to buy Celtics from it’s owner and you can get some shares from the club then Celtics will be saved

      1. Dear Ms Mkhize

        I like what you are doing for your underprivileged community.

        Keep doing great.

        Kind regards

        Paralegal Practitioner

  2. MaMkhize u inspire me, I cry always when I watch ur show. May God bless you and ur family

  3. I am impressed by the love ❤️ you have on soccer as a woman , and the fact that you also invested on a soccer club/team . You are really motivating me ,I have a team that is on SAB and would one day like to challenge Real Kings on a friendly game

  4. Yas’ Embo intombi… Sibonge bo!!

  5. Judith Chingwane Mohlala

    Hi am so impresses about your show. I only saw your show this Sunday while I was visited my sister’s daughter. You are so great God bless you more.

    Am going to send you my emails please respond to me with your personal e email I need to discuss with you and my story is too private and sencetive

  6. Girl power. Strong soul….. luv ya

  7. MamKhize please call me.

  8. Mam Mkhize I wish to meet you one day with all my heart.Many blessings to you and your family❤.

  9. Wow such an inspiration. You are so blessed girl. May our good Lord continue blessing you

  10. Hi Madam you really rock the world keep on doing a great job encouraged all the women to stand on their own. No time for tears. If you want to know more or learn about Mining Industry we are here Girl to assist with information and learn you more about the industry. I want to see you owning your own Mine Girl, am working on it to see myself having a prospective rights.

  11. I have been following the family for years now and admire them a lot. I admire Shawn and love her personality. She is a strong woman….how I wish I can meet her one day

  12. if a successful young busness women was a person Shawn you doing flames baby yhooo iam sooo inspired while iam stuck with a busness plan with no finances….but i make sure i watche Life Kama’Mkhize yhoooo nana iam taken really

  13. Mamkhize i am out of words, i know this may sound stupid, but i dont think you need any blessings you are blessed enough already. when ever i feel like in cant study i read about your achievements so that i get inspired and go back to study.

    1. Kehilwe

      Hi Shawn i never missed your show and inspired by your hard work and I believe that hard work pays. I wish to meet you at some stage to discuss business with you. Bl

  14. Nondumiso Ngubane

    Dear Mam Khize uyangikhuthaza, ungenza ngizibone nami sengiyi billionaire. ngiyafisa ukuba ne 1 on 1 conversation nawe one day.

  15. Mamkhize huntshu to you, you always appear calm poised and collected in spite of all you went through what an amazing character beautiful and down to earth too yhoooo Mamkhize my hat off to you I am sure uyaguqa phantsi ngedolo sisi and there is nothing embarrassing and shameful about what you went through it is life and you are still standing you are a survivor qha ke. I enjoy your show immensely. We are all human we make mistakes ignore/overlook things but all is well that end well. All the best.

    1. Mamkhize siyaziqhenya ngawe singabahlali base SA. Uthixo sengathi angakupha more Kunalokhu.

  16. Hi Shawn at such a tender age you own such wealth you go girl oska ba hemisa I’ve never seen a huge house like yours even a President doesn’t own one you are really a Queen Shawn And you know what Don’t Stress about your X hubby make yourself happy have fun a nd don’t leave your life to please others I would love you to mentor me one day and another thing let’s talk fashion gal I would love to shop with you gal you must make a turn in Pretoria one day email me when you do

  17. Iyoo go gal uyangiququzela shame I would like to meet with you I have small business I need you in my life to teach me to grow my business

  18. How old is Shauwn? I’m inspired by her

  19. You are a very strong woman….

  20. Shawn you an inspirational women I don’t miss your show , when I see Andile grown into such a big man I remember when he use to go to Glenashley , and my daughter who is class of 2014 at Danville use to stop me you are driven around you were her Heroine , I respect you Sis and the way you respect yourself and how you handled your domestic situation that you rose above , big up girl 💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Phumelele sithole

    Hi maMkhize m Phumelele Sithole U really impressed me very strong intelligent woman.People always say v got yo features I stay n Ladysmith.So m yo twin always take t as a compliment

  22. siyakubongela kakhulu for your achivements and your accolades miss Shaun, the only thing that missing now is for you to meet your master, the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who is in actual fact everything that we need and hunger for, after all we realise that all is vanity of vanities. I really wish one day you may meet the revelation of our Lord Jesus, and walk in all humility and the fear of God. God Bless you and your family Love you.

  23. BULELWA GOBENI 0828103865

    Hi Shawn
    I need your help my dearest
    I like your style…your kids…Sbahle and Andile lv them sky size
    Can you email me its urgent my dear lv u

  24. Need some advice on business. As a young buisnesss owner i would like some support and advice please

  25. Proud of you black queen for been such a boldest diva ever made it to your level. Way to shut the devil’s mouth!!!

  26. God bless you mamMkhize ,you are really setting a good image of Black Economic Empowerment.

    Go on mam,and show us more of the opulent elite lifestyle.

  27. Good afternoon big sister

    Can you please give me a construction sub contract, so I can showcase my abilities please.

    We can set up a meeting to address all that

    Kind regard

  28. Dineo Daphne Matjila

    Shaun Mpisane,I like watching your show.I’m so inspired by your humbleness and the love you have towards Sibahle.Very few women of your calibre can do what you doing for her.May the Almighty bless you beyond measure.

  29. You inspire me. I wish to meet you one day. My email is

  30. Pls ma’am help me with funding fr my business I need capital to start properly

  31. MaMnkhize you are such a inspiration to every woman, especially me. Keep it up madam

  32. Thank you so much cc I just want to know if you have any program where you sit down with young girls and inspire them to work hard ,by the way my girls love you so much ,you just an inspiration to them,15 and 7 years

  33. Tlaki Martha Mojela

    Mam Mkhize you are so amazing, creative, adorable, humble, inspired all woman with warm hands that nothing is impossible. Keep on with your good work.

  34. I haven’t seen some one as rich as u are so humble like you may u please ask Andile for the money he was carrying 02 04 2020 on that episode that money is too much for me to start my small bznes of selling clothes please sis will appreciate that

  35. Mamkhize South Africa loves you , but only the devil can criticize you 😂😂😂😂 keep shining beautiful sister ❤🥰

  36. Bridget 0717113142

    Hey mama, u are the Queen, u are the influence I have been looking for, you are the true epitome of a hustle Queen. Mama please reply me I seriously need your coaching also business help, hope to hear from you my Queen.
    Thank You

  37. Good day

    Mamkhize I just want to say thank you for inspiring us young black woman, that yes we can. Thank you

  38. Hi mamkhize You are favoured by God. Keep on working hard and you are an inspiration.

  39. Ey mina angazi ngingathin ngawe…ey uyikho konke mah okuhle ngicazeka suthi “inkinga zami ziningi” mina nje can i have your old clothes, bags etc bese ngicela bandla mani ukugqokiswa uDan dan…love you 067 6479254 ayibo ngingakhohlwa uThah ur frnd ey i luv him shame…

  40. Hey makhize am so inspired by the work u re doing.You one of the strong women I admire and look up to them.Am a young woman who has a construction company hoping one day it can be big as yours.As you know that construction is the men dominating career that’s a bit challenging for as a women.May u please be my mentor,I know u re busy but the little time u have for me I will appreciate..May you please give me and my company a chance to group under ur wings by allowing me to work as a subcontractor in your construction company.
    Hope you read and respond to my request,thank you….may the Lord continue on blessing you

  41. Sawubona Ntombi yakwaMkhize,
    Ngithanda ukubonga ngomusebenzi wakho umuhle nokunsiza umphakathi. Nginesicelo esisidwa nje. Ukuthi ngelinye ilanga ngihlangane nawe.
    Ngiyabonga kakhulu

  42. You are such an inspiration to women , You are a true example of a lioness…keep souldiering on Mamkhize the world is you oyster.Those sleepless nights away from you loved ones are all worth the wonderful and fruitful path you have paved.Some of us get hope just by merely seeing all ur wonderful work and enormous spirit.

    Keep well and stay as humble as you are!

    Stay blessed.

  43. Sawbona mama Wami

    Ngithi nje mawami ngiyakubongela ngakho konke empilweni, ngiyafisa uNkulunkulu aqhubeke akuphe njalo amandla nokuphilelana Babantu…indlela engikuthanda Ngayo mama inkulu,ngize ngakuphupha sixoxa kamnandi nje Waze wathi you love me ngoba nginenhliziyo enhle ngabona and ngavalelisa kuwe wavele wangipha a pack of two different teabags (Glen tea & Trinco) and 1kg pack of Ellie’s brown mama.

    I love you and I will always love you mama.

  44. Ngikuthandela your good heart mom

  45. Hi Madam, Umoya wam uphantsi, I am so devastated after listening to Marawa’s show that you are among the people who are intending to buy our beautiful Celtic and take it to KZN. I am sure you know how we love our team, and these news are so bad that we believe there is no need to be alive, because we are poor to keep it here. Our God listens and answers prayers. Enkosi Mam’ Mpisane uthixo akusikelele

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