Shamiso Mosaka Biography: Boyfriend, Age, Ghosted, Net Worth, Tattoos, Mother

Shamiso Mosaka (born 14 June 1998) is a South African media personality. She is famous for being the daughter of the veteran radio personality Azania Mosaka.

The outspoken personality has been behind many big shows in South Africa including MTV base Africa, Ghosted, and Love Gone Missing.

Her bubbly personality has opened the way for her in the South African entertainment industry. She is also creative, paints, and has a unique style of fashion.

Early Life

Shamiso Mosaka
Shamiso Mosaka biography
She’s always been outspoken, even as a child.
Background Information
Full Name: Shamiso Mosaka
Born: 14 June 1998 (age 23)
Mother: Azania Mosaka
Nationality: South African
Education: Wits University
Marital Status: Single
Boyfriend: Concealed
Occupation: Media Personality
Net Worth: N/A

Shamiso Mosaka was born on 14 June 1998. Her mother is a veteran radio personality Azania Mosaka. Azania raised her as an independent woman which has molded Shamiso into the person she is today.

She has always been talking active, according to her she imitated the words her gran and church people said. Shamiso was confident and walking up to people she met for the first time is no problem.


She had her primary and secondary school education in prestigious schools in South Africa. She enrolled for a BA general at Wits University but dropped out.


Although her mother is a notable personality in the entertainment industry, Shamiso’s personality opened the doors for her. She is behind one of the biggest shows on MTV base Africa, Ghosted, and Love Gone Missing.

According to her, her colleagues are very supportive and open-minded. Her producer is always there to provide her with extra support. 


She has earlier battled with “really” bad depression and she is currently struggling with chronic anxiety. Shamiso at a point struggled with mental health which even led her to self-harm. After she was helped to overcome, she drew her first tattoo over her scars and called it resilience.

She finds strength in tattoos and also expresses herself more with these drawings. Her body houses over 30 tattoos. She started by covering up her scars with her tattoos. 


She is a unique celebrity and her choice of dresses makes her even more unique. Shamiso rather wears baggy clothes than heels, it gives her a sexier feeling.

According to the beautiful media personality, she is in touch with her feminine and masculine side. Other people have other things to say about her dressing, some have coined the term ‘IsShamiso’.

Personal Life

Shamiso is dating a man she describes as a beautiful and low-key man. He is not known in the industry and is a very private person. Her boyfriend has held made her life stable. They started to date before she became popular in the entertainment industry. 

In her words, she is a tomboy with a bit of a girlie side. She has never failed to appreciate her mother for being in her life. She says that Azania has been her grounding force.

At first, she didn’t want to follow the same career path as her mother.

Social Media

The beauty takes to social media platforms pictures about her. She appears most times rocking baggy and hoody wears. She is proud of her tattoos and flaunts them. Her left hand has many tattoos compared to the right.

The beauty shares pictures of moments and most times, she appears alone. From showing her wardrobe, her outing moments, her house interior, her bedroom to her car. She enjoys chilling with a drink.

Net worth

She has grown to be a notable media personality. Forbes is yet to estimate Shamiso Mosaka’s net worth. She is, however, leading a comfortable life and perhaps her best life.


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