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Serge Cabonge (born in Angola) is a South African-based businessman. He rose to prominence for his lavish way of life. Many know him as a blesser, although he has discarded the nickname The International Blesser.

He first became popular after he was featured in Checkpoint, an’s investigative and current affairs show.

He has been living the “life of a blesser” for a long time. According to him, he blew cash and hosted parties for slay queens. He accommodated them by paying their rents.

Well, he has been reported to regret and quit the lifestyle.


Serge Cabonge biography
Serge Cabonge regrets his act as a blesser and has discarded the nickname.
NameSerge Cabonge
Marital statusMarried
HIV StatusUnknown


Serge Cabonge is an Angolan national making headline for being a blesser, modern way of addressing “sugar daddies”.

He was born into and raised in a Christian background. According to him, he became a blesser because God pointed him to.

In an interview session with the SABC, he claims that he extends his blessings to everyone and even institutions.

He mentioned having blessed a church and schools. He denied asking for sex or anything in return for a blessing but if the blessee wants to thank the blesser with anything, they would accept.

Still, in the interview session, he revealed that he is married. But did not hit the nail on the head when asked if his wife approves of him being a blesser. He says his wife shouldn’t have a problem with the way those blessed feel like returning the favor.

Though he has regretted his past and has discarded the nickname – The International Blesser. He wants to be addressed by his birth names Serge Cabonge.

Life as a Blesser

Sharing his experience as a blesser, he said that he bought expensive gifts for many ladies he dated. His money was spent on throwing parties for slay queens.

To accommodate them, he pays their rent and thought that it was the right thing and wanted to feel the power of his money.

After repenting, he realized that what he did was the opposite of his thoughts.

According to him, he has realized that he did the wrong thing and it was similar to disrespecting women. He revealed his intention to make a positive contribution to society.


To be a blesser demand huge financial blessings right? Serge is the Chief Executive Officer of Real Sgubhu International. He is also into the entertainment biz.

In 2016, he attended the star-studded Grammy Awards. There he was in a business meeting with notable music personalities including Snoop Dogg.


Our bundle of joy has a way of influencing our decisions. For Serge, she made him leave his life as a blesser. He decided to quit being a “sugar daddy” because of the desire he has to raise his daughter.

He did not want to expose her to different women while raising her. Also, his respect for the opposite gender-motivated him to repent. 

He is a changed man now and wants to settle down with his soul mate. He wants a woman who will show him unconditional love and help in raising his daughter.


Following his invite to the SABC2’s Morning Live for an interview were reactions on Twitter. 

The show host Leanne Manas shared a picture of her and the businessperson on social media.

She shared that the confessed blesser had handed the crew approximately US$1000 (R14 000).

This triggered reactions from many who were not impressed with the public broadcaster news show for airing the blesser.


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