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Robot Boii (born Mzwakhe Mbuli) is a South African singer and dancer. The up-coming artist is inspired to adopt his stage name from the robotics bloke Chad Smith (Mad Chad).

The young artist developed an interest in dancing when he was fifteen. Robot Boii drew his inspiration from several videos including Mad Chad.

According to the dancer, he has watched several dance videos on the video streaming site YouTube.

The time he spent glued to the screen played a huge role to contribute to his splendid dance moves.

Contributing to his talents, Robot Boii has a god-given drumming talent. He displays his exceptional drumming talents at 3C Ministries.

Many address the dancer by his stage name Robot Boii, however, his birth name is Mzwakhe Mbuli.


Robot boii biography
Image:, @robot_boii.
NameMzwakhe Mbuli Jr.
Stage nameRobot Boii
Agearound 28 years old
NationalitySouth African
FatherMzwakhe Mbuli
ProfessionDancer, musician
CountrySouth Africa


As he is popularly called, Robot Boii was born to Mzwakhe Mbuli (his father). His dad is a poet and was a deacon of the Apostolic Church.

Lovers of good music and dance would testify that he has exceptional dance steps testifying to his stage name. 

Bringing him up and training him in traditional songs, people could conclude that his talent is hereditary. His father is married to Zukiswa Damse, though we are unable to connect if she is his mother.


Though his career on television is not so clear Robotic Boii has landed advert roles.

He made it on the cast on several commercials for big brands. Among others, he did the Coca-Cola brand and the Wimpy ‘Nom Nom Mondays’ commercials.


Robot boii profile
Image:, @robot_boii.

Hold up! Did you think he is a newbie in the industry? Well, he is not. He kicked off his adventure in dancing while he was in high school.

Then, he became a member of a dance crew adopting the stage name Lyrical Sneakers.

Following reasons best known to him, he decided to leave the group and go solo. He entered several competitions like the South African Dance Company (SADC) and Urban Dance Competition.

Most times dancers adopt singing as both are said to go hand in hand, Robot Boii added music to what he does eventually. His unique way of doing music has earned him more fans.

His songs however did the publicity about his amazing talent. He has dropped songs loved by South Africa.

RapLyf boss Kwesta and popular rapper Costa Titch are among the artists he has collaborated with.


He is also active on Social media. On Instagram, Robot Boii boasts of over 259 thousand followers. Followers and fans can connect to him through his profiles on Social media.

He updates followers and interested viewers with the progress of his projects and lifestyle.


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