Refentse Morake biography: age, background, awards, albums

Refentse Morake (born 1 August 1997 in Vereeniging) is an award-winning South African singer. The talented artist sings in the Afrikaans language.

He started to sing as a teenager and gained popularity after one of his performances was shared on social media.

He was performing (playing guitar and singing) on the sidewalk at the home of his parents in a suburb of Vereeniging – Unitaspark.


Refentse Morake biography
Refentse Morake took home the Best Selling Album of the Year at South African Music Awards for My Hart Bly in ‘n Taal.
NameRefentse Morake
Born1 August 1997 (age 24 years)
Vereeniging , South Africa
NationalitySouth African
LabelSony Music Entertainment
Awards2016 South African Music Awards for Best Selling Album of the Year
InstrumentsVocal, guitar


Refentse Morake age
Refentse Morake was born and raise in the city of Vereeniging, South Africa.

He was born Refentse Morake on 1 August 1997 in Vereeniging, south of Gauteng, South Africa. Going to school made him fall in love with Afrikaans music. He heard people speak the language which made him love it.

Although he hails from a non-Afrikaans speaking background, his parents supported him. After they noticed the joy the genre gave Refentse, they provided him with the support they could.

They encouraged him by buying Afrikaans albums. These played a huge role in the development of the language as he listened and practiced with them.

Road to stardom

His performance drew the attention of many including Cecilia Marchionna. The lady who is better known as Tannie Kleintjie heard him perform and approached him.

He gave her the go-ahead after she asked if she could record a video of him and share it on Facebook.

After the video entered social media, it began to make waves from the first day and hit 30k views. After four days, it grew to 160k and continued to gain more.

In 2015, he held a performance in Baron van Reede Street in Oudtshoorn.

His impressive performance drew the attention of a celebrity singer this time. He received R10 from Karen Zoid who was passing by to appreciate his effort.

In the evening of the same day, the organizers at the KKNK took him behind the scenes of the opening concert of the festival.

It created him the opportunity to meet and connect with other big names in the music circle including Karen Zoid. More opportunity it created included an offer for a music contract.


Refentse Morake background
In 2016, Refentse recorded his debut album, ‘My Hart Bly in ‘n Taal’ with the help of Karen Zoid.

Though the Afrikaan singer was born after the end of the Apartheid, he tries to use his music to assist with uniting the nation. His music also seeks to break racial boundaries.

He caught the attention of the public first in 2015 after appearing on social media. A neighbor in Vereeniging took to social media his performance in Afrikaans.

Ever since he has gained prominence and has grown from being a “viral sensation” to an established Afrikaans singer.

As an artist, he has collaborated and shared the stage with many other big names in the industry. Karen Zoid and Steve Hofmeyr are among the popular names Morake has worked with.


  • Let’s Get it Started Medley
  • Hardekole
  • Reggae Medley
  • Krone 6 Sokkie Medley
  • Krone 6 Finale Medley
  • Sonvanger
  • Vuil Vanderbijl
  • This Is Me Medley
  • Anoret
  • Laurika Rauch Medley
  • Oom Faan Se Plaas
  • Ons Maak Saak
  • Koos du Plessis Medley
  • What a Boytjie
  • Daai Deng
  • 30 Jaar van Select Musiek Medley
  • Sannie Die Loopdop
  • Digters Medley
  • Diere Medley
  • Rugby Wêreldbeker Medley
  • Stormnag
  • Jantjie
  • Baby Wat Eet Ons Vanaand?
  • Kampvuur Medley
  • Jy is Vrou Medley
  • Kopskud Medley
  • Sal Jy?
  • Dans Meraai
  • Jy
  • Breyten Se Brief
  • Die Blommetjie Medley
  • Die Perfekte Medley


In 2016, he released his first album entitled My Hart Bly in Taal. In the year that followed, the release of his second album Deur My Venster was scheduled.

My Hart Bly in ‘n Taal2016
Deur My Venster2017
Sinkplaat Sessies (Lewendige Opname)2017
Wandel In My Woning2020


He took home the South African Music Award for ‘The Best Selling Album of the Year‘. Refentse has recieved four Ghoema awards for the album – My Hart Bly in ‘n Taal.

2016Best Selling Album of the YearSouth African Music AwardsMy Hart Bly in ‘n TaalWon
2017Beste Kontemporêre Musiek AlbumSouth African Music AwardNominee
2019Beste Kontemporêre Musiek AlbumSouth African Music AwardNominee
2021Beste Kontemporêre Musiek AlbumSouth African Music AwardNominee
2021Best Live Audio Visual RecordingSouth African Music AwardNominee
Refentse Morake has been nominated four times for

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