Portia Derby Biography, Age, Qualifications, Education & Current Positions

Portia Derby is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ubu Investment Holdings. The investment and advisory firm focused on investments in infrastructure and advanced manufacturing. 

She held senior positions (in the government of South Africa) during the period of major economic reform. Portia serves on the board of Ubank and the Africa Advisory board of Alexander Proudfoot.


Portia Derby biography
Portia Derby, Founder of Ubu Investment Holdings Pty Ltd.

According to her profile on MarketScreener, Portia Derby is 48 years old.

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She served as Director-General of the Department of Public Enterprises from 2005 until 2009. 

Later in 2002, Portia became the Chief Operating Officer of the Department of Trade and Industry.

She also co-founded and became Chief Operating Officer of Trade and Investment South Africa.


She studied at the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg where she graduated with a BSc, Honours in Economics. 

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She holds an MBA from the University of Witwatersrand.

Current Positions

  • Founder of Ubu Investment Holdings Pty Ltd.
  • Independent Non-Executive Director Metair Investments Limited (Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts)
  • Board member of Metair Investments Ltd. and UBANK Ltd. 

Past Positions

  • Chief Executive Officer of Ubu Investment Holdings Pty Ltd.
  • Chief Operating Officer at Trade & Investment South Africa
  • Chief Operating Officer of the South Africa Ministry of Trade & Industry.
  • General Director at South Africa Ministry of Public Enterprises.
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  1. Congratulations Ms Derby on your Transnet CEO appointment.

    1. Halala. Congratulations Portia. Go on get to work. Let the best candidate win. Your credentials and qualifications got you the job. All the best..

  2. Congratulations Ms Derby u a the best

  3. Congratulations Portia,well deserved

  4. trust she will help recover the stolen money from the Transnet pension fund – people who worked for Transnet for 40 years as senior managers now having a pension of R3,500 per month due to the looting by the cadres

  5. Hi Porsche. My name is Jack Mithileni the Shangaan boy. I heard your call for honest and hard working South Africans. I’m one such a person. My number is 0718373726 and my email address is [email protected]. Thanks

  6. Goodday Madam, congradulations on your new challenge. Should you require assistance in unfolding your supply chain bottlenecks, do not hestitate to contact me. I together with my company have planned and executed many supply chain solutions to various industries. We will be delighted to be part of the new transformed Transnet.

  7. Hi Porch congradulation with a new position, wish all the best, my name is Paul Mokoena I work as a Turner machinist at RSE business or section at koedoespoort Transnet in Pretoria, what i would like you to fix in TRANSNET engineering is the issue of medical and house subsidy fund,that money is too little which is the amount of 1400 each, I can’t manage to rent even a room I can’t even manage to my wife and my kids on medical aid bcs i will be left with nothing in my salary if i do so, the other thing i would like you to do for us as the colegue of Transnet is, can you please ask Momentum fund where our pension funds are, to give us half of our pension funds so that we can clean our life by paying our dept and start a new life please

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