Olive Burrows biography, profile, husband, photos & education

Olive Burrows (born to a Kamba mother) is a Kenyan Journalist and News Anchor. She is the only journalist in Kenya to interview the former president of the United States, Barack Obama when he paid a visit to Kenya.


Olive Burrows biography
OLive Burrows broadcasting live at NTV.
NameOlive Burrows
BirthdayOctober 16th
EducationBachelor of Arts
Alma materDaystar University
ProfessionNews Anchor
Other nameKalekye


Olive Burrow’s middle name is Kalekye, who is the only child her parents had. She was born into the family of a Kenyan father and her mother was from Kamba.

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Her father’s background has a touch of a British father and a Tanzanian mother. 

Olive has half-sisters and brothers, the celebrity identifies more with her maternal side.


She started her early education at the Malezi Primary School in Lang’ata. Olive furthered her academic career in Kenya High School.

During her time in high school, Olive’s mother could no further take care of her academics. Her relatives were quick to intervene and then filled in the gap.

After she successfully finished her high school, Olive furthered the pursuit of her academic career at Daystar University.

She graduated from the University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree.

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She was a news anchor at NTV alongside Dennis Okari. She and her colleague Dennis became the day’s topic after they made their first television appearance. 

The chemistry between both of them anytime they are on air was obvious and viewers were quick to notice.

“They were christened as the most powerful media ‘couple’ in Kenya as they always left their fans entertained when on or off-air.”

It grew more suspicious after the picture of Olive assisting Dennis with makeup and knotting his tie was uploaded on social media. Fans made suggestions that they would make a good couple.


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Her career dates back to her days in the university, during her second year.

As a writer, she wrote to an editor at E-Girl, “she told her that it was closing down, and she was moving to Daily Metro”. She then began to write about entertainment.

She made a notable amount of publications including Destination Magazine, True Love, and EAM. 

For three months (September 2007 until December 2007), Olive became attached to the KBC.

During the period Olive was the magazine and sequence formats producer for Shine FM.

Upon working for a while, she joined Nation Media Group as a contributor for almost two years (2007 until 2009).

In October 2012, she had her big break after joining Capital FM News. There she worked as a reporter and later worked in the media house for six years until May 2018. 

Olive also worked at Capital FM and climbed to the rank of associate editor.



Making food is medicinal and therapeutic to the television personality. Olive enjoys trying the new available recipe.

She once received an opportunity to request a Christmas gift. Olive requested that her father get her a cookbook.


She rather keeps her private life out of the public eye even to the extent her family knows little about her.

She is the direct opposite of her late mother who was an outgoing person. Most times, Olive is more intense and serious. She looks out for those sitting in a corner in a gathering.

In her words, she is a shy person but people mistake her for a snobbish kind of person.

She enjoys reading and Chimamanda Adichie, Malcolm Gladwell, and Khaled Hosseini, among others, are authors she enjoys their books.

Her favorite destination is the Rondo Retreat in Kakamega Forest which she visited during one of her work trips.

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