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Mr Smeg (born 1985), with the real name Michael Mncedi Bucwa, is a South Africana social media influencer, digital content creator, and systems analyst. He gained prominence for taking a red Smeg Kettle everywhere he goes. The kettle is always close by even though he is out hiking, on a date, or at any occasion or event.

The keg has been seen with him almost everywhere he is and even at the gym. This was why he is addressed by Mr Smeg. He was called that on Twitter and he has embraced the name.

Mr Smeg
Social media user Michael Bucwa aka, Mr Smeg takes his red Smeg kettle everywhere he goes. Yes, everywhere.
Background Information
Full Name: Michael Mncedi Bucwa
Stage Name: Mr Smeg
Born: 1985 (age 37 years old)
Place of Birth: Motherwell, Port Elizabeth
Nationality: South African
Ethnicity: Black
Girlfriend • Spouse: N/A
Weight: 80 kilograms
Height: 179 CM tall
Occupation: Internet personality • Businessman • Influencer
Profile: InstagramTwitter
Email: [email protected]

Early Life

He was born Michael Mncedi Bucwa in Motherwell, Port Elizabeth. The internet personality was raised by his grandmother under a Christian doctrine. His grandmother taught in the Sunday School and he spent most of his childhood days in a Roman Catholic church. In an interview session with Drum, he says 

“I was raised by my grandmother who was a Sunday School teacher and we grew up in a Roman Catholic church,”. He came from a humble background he described as “nothing”, and had to work hard to get to where he is today.

Mr Smeg

According to him, the idea of Mr Smeg was born during the nationwide lockdown. That time, his free time was spent on social media platforms. According to him, he could make people around him laugh or be happy. Although, some without a great sense of humor wouldn’t understand his jokes. Rather, they would see them as dry.

The idea of Smeg was a product of a series of observations on the impact of brands in the lives of people. Also, he says that the brand names also tell the type of person an individual is.

The fast-rising internet sensation often sees successful people who show off their material wealth as funny. He was of that view because he came from the bottom and had to work his way up. Playing on that humor made him popular on Twitter.


Mr. Smeg is a qualified electrical engineer. He studied at Buffalo City College and graduated with a Diploma. His love for education saw him study Mechatronics Engineering at the VW Learning Academy.


Michael worked in East London as a Technician in 2014 and relocated to Tshwane after four years in 2018. He currently works as an Engineering System Analyst for a large automotive company.

After noticing his posts, Smeg was impressed with Mncedi’s love for their products and offered him their Smeg Espresso Machine. He has also landed an advertisement deal with Bogartman. Mr Smeg owns a company in Pretoria called BucwaGroup established on 14 July 2017. 

Personal Life

His health is a serious part of him and sometimes the internet sensation would be seen eating nine eggs once. This is because of his high protein diet.

He is on a strict Ketogenic diet which is high in fat with adequate protein and very low carbohydrates. According to him, he does fasting and also daily workouts. In Judo, Michael holds a black belt.

Michael has a sister who graduated in April 2019. He shared on social media a picture of her in remembrance of the day she graduated. He loves going out and having a good time with loved ones.

Mr Smeg knows how to make people around him laugh and the looks on their faces say it all. Mr Smeg also loves to travel to luxurious places.


Mr Smeg drives a BMW car. On 10 August 2021, he posted a picture of his “new car”, a black BMW car. He didn’t forget to show off the remote of the car. In other pictures, he revealed the interior, rare, and body of his car. He did not forget to place his Smeg Kettle on the car though.


Michael is living a life of luxury and his material possessions say so much about them. His house is one of those properties. The interior of his house is everything good, from the furniture to the television to the décor items and home appliances.

Net worth

His material possessions and properties including his cars, house, watches and others sum up to a huge net worth. According to The Nation, Mr Smeg is estimated to be worth around $700,000-$900,000.


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