Mo and Phindi biography, profile, real names & for better or worse

Mo and Phindi (born Monwabisi and Phindile Grootboom) are relationship and marriage coaches in South Africa.

Though, the couple has been in the marriage ministry for over five (5) years, since 2015.

Mo and Phindi biography
The power couple, Mo and Phindi, produces a masterpiece of creativity and beauty in marriage. Image: YouTube.

Mo and Phidi have been working with couples and could date back to 2011.

As professionals, the couple holds sessions and also conducts with both the married and about to wed couples.

They hold post-marital counseling for the married and pre-marital coaching for engaged couples.

The couples registered ‘Mo and Phindi Academy’ in 2019. It serves as a non-profit organization, through several programs, seeks to be a source of restoration of hope and dignity in marriages.

Mo and Phindi are also relationship columnists, contributors, book authors, speakers, and brand ambassadors.

Through their media production company, the couple has ventured into TV content production, ‘Mo and Phindi TV’.

They use the medium to produce personal and family-empowerment content.

On TV, they are also presenters of the show, For Better or Worse with Mo and Phindi on Mzansi Magic.

The show serves as a platform where various celebrities and other people share their love stories.

Their union, outside the screen, is blessed with three (3) children.


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