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Obinna Simon (born 24 June 1986), best known by his stage name MC Tagwaye, is a gifted Nigerian standup comedian. His resemblance with the president of the Republic of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari rose him to stardom.

In most of his jokes, he addresses the president as ‘his twin brother’ although he doesn’t want his jokes to end with Buhari. The content creator does mimic videos of Mr. President.

MC Tagwaye
MC Tagwaye biography
Obinna Simon best-known as MC Tagwaye or Mr. President is a Kaduna-born comedian, content creator and activist.
Background Information
Full Name:Obinna Simon
Other Names:MC Tagwaye Mr. President
Born:24 June 1986 (age 35)
State of Origin:Anambra
Place of Birth:Kaduna
Alma mater:Umaru Musa Yar’adua University
Wife:Maryam Uwais
Occupation:Standup Comedian Businessman Content Creator
Net Worth:₦80 million

Early Life

MC Tagwaye was born on 24 June 1986 in Kaduna State, a northern part of Nigeria. At his naming ceremony, his parents named him Obinna Simon. They raised him in Kaduna State and there he got his Hausa accent.

He hails from Anambra State in southeastern Nigeria. His parents are Christians. Although he jokingly addresses president Buhari as his twin, he has a twin brother in reality. His brother is a businessperson. 


MC Tagwaye had his primary and secondary school education in Kaduna State. After sitting for his WAEC, he attended Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Kastina State.

After his graduation, he got work as a science teacher and taught Biology and Agricultural Science. The comedian worked as an educator for 7 years. 

Personal Life

Media sources have reported that the renowned content creator has a twin brother. The report further claims that his twin brother is a businessperson.

His name ‘Tagwaye’ translates to ‘twins’ in the Hausa Language. This was how his stage name came to be. More sources claim that he has graced events and often hangs out with his twin brother.

The famous comedian, MC Tagwaye is married to the daughter of a special adviser to the President, Maryam Uwais. He said that he met his beautiful wife at a bank when she was still a student.


He was a classroom teacher and taught Biology, Applied Sciences, Agriculture, and subjects related to the sciences.

MC Tagwaye is a well-known comedian, actor, entertainer, and activist. Since his young days, he had enjoyed mimicking people. 

He is known to mimic the president of Nigeria and shared in an interview that he had to study a video of president Buhari in 2011. 

The stand-up comedian says that he studied a video of the president which was given to Saharareporters. After he completed the study, he could mimic the president.

He also has a striking resemblance with Buhari and this was enough to gain him much attention. He is the CEO/MD of the Tagwaye Entertainment Co. LTD.

In the company Ta Dikko Media Concept LTD, he is also the Chief Executive Officer and the Managing Director. He established and launched his foundation Tagwaye Foundation.

He has performed on many notable occasions, events, and ceremonies. At the 2016 Economic Summit, he performed in front of the president. After the event, he took pictures with President Buhari.


The comedian is a landlord and a house owner. He shared the announcement of completing his mansion in Kaduna state on 2 July 2019. The comedian holds an annual comedy concert called ‘Throne of Laffta’.

Social Media

His verified profile on Instagram is titled ‘Mr. President’. He shares pictures and updates of himself and his work.

He has also shared pictures of popular political figures like former President Good luck Ebele Jonathan. He also shares pictures of his wife and his child. 

Net Worth

MC Tagwaye held edition 3 of his yearly show at Transcorp Hilton Abuja on October 1st. At the show, a table was sold for around a million to two million naira.

According to Naija Online Guide, MC Tagwaye is estimated to have a Net worth of ₦80million. His stream of income includes comedy, farm, and several other businesses.


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