Mapaseka Mokwele biography, age, Kaya fm, husband, rumors & Twitter

Mapaseka Mokwele (born 1976) is a South African Keynote Speaker, Motivational Speaker, and Philanthropist. She is also a Businesswoman, Mc, Host, radio and TV personality.


Mapaseka Mokwele biography
#SexInTheCity on Home with Mapaseka.
  • Name: Mapaseka Mokwele
  • Age: 43 years.
  • Gender: female
  • Nationality: South African
  • Spouse: Thabo
  • Profession: Businesswoman, Mc, Host, radio & TV personality, speaker, philanthropist


Her date of birth is in 1976. The Motivation speaker, Mapaseka Mokwele is 43 years old.

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She and her husband, Thabo, first met while they were working at Metro FM. They are still a married couple and together work at Kaya FM together.

Though the couple might work for the same company. Having separate slots helped them in separating their romantic life from their personal life. 

After the couple joined Anele on RealTalk on SABC 3, They spoke on their relationship. She shared T-bose and Thabo are different persons to her.

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“T-bose works at Kaya FM, Thabo is married to Mapaseka,” she said.

Husband’s side-chick Rumours

Following a social media frenzy caused by the celebrity radio couple, Thabo and Mapaseka Mokwele. 

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The frenzy was triggered after Thabo shared a blurry nude picture on social media (Instagram).

The image contained a woman lying naked in a bed with a cryptic caption.

“How’s your Wednesday going… here’s mine. #intoZami #myperson #mediyajita #WCW #shedoesntknowitookthepicture.”

Though Mapaseka was tagged on the photo, some followers thought that it could be Thabo’s side-chick.

Another parody account on Twitter released a posted claiming that the blurred woman in the photo was Thabo’s side-chick. 

The twitter account has it that the side chick and Thabo have been together for five (5) years.



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She held a daily talk & current affairs show – Home on Kaya Fm. The show airs from Monday through Thursday (19h00 – 20h00).

Home grants her the opportunity to explore the relevant and how they affect us all. 

The show covers how the major topics of the day affect the lives of average South Africans. 

It covers news, business, culture, fashion, and the arts. In the show, Mapaseka invites and has a conversation with guests to enlighten and entertain.

She also is a host at Motswako, a television talk-show on SABC 2. On the show, she discusses all issues South African women encounter from all aspects of life.

She became a professional broadcaster in 1996 where she worked as a presenter for “Your Own Business”.

Later, she joined the SABC news department. For three (3) years, she was the face of SABC 3’s prime time English news bulletin.

She also presented and produced “Rendezvous Africa,” a current affair that had a strong emphasis on African news. 

Mapaseka has a recruitment and training agency, Bashumi Consulting.

She also has a retail fashion outlet, Vestiti. The popular TV personality has also become the choice for hosting prestigious events both in the private and public sectors. She hosted the; 

  • launch of the channel SABC NEWS International, 
  • Inauguration of Gauteng Premier.
  • Community Builder of the Year Awards, 
  • Gala Opening of the BRICS Summit in Durban to name a few.

Kaya FM

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Mapaseka led deep conversations about family, intimacy, parenting, and s3x on the show Home with Mapaseka. She has left Kaya FM to pursue other interests.

“My journey at Kaya FM has been nothing short of amazing! The time has come for me to move on and focus on other avenues of my life and career.

“I will miss the conversations and great insights from all the Afropolitans, contributors and producers,” she says.


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