Mandisa Mfeka Biography, SAAF, Major, Combat Fighters, Twitter & Pilot

Mandisa Mfeka was born in Malvern, Johannesburg and is a combat pilot in the South African Air Force (SAAF). Lately, she was named the world’s first black South African female fighter pilot.

Mandisa Mfeka Biography

Mandisa Mfeka Biography
Major Mandis Mfeka – SAAF

Her place of birth was in Malvern, in the east of Johannesburg. According to her, Mfeka wanted to be a medical doctor but changed her mind after falling in love with aeronautical engineering.


In 2008, she joined the South African Air Force and joined the Central Flying School in Langebaan after two (2) years.

Mfeka was given her own set of wings in 2011. She was invited by Rian and the Scenic Drive team and she shared her incredible story.

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For Rain, he wanted to know what being a fighter pilot is like. 

 “It is extremely exciting, especially when you can hear and feel the power of the jet.

“It is such a dynamic environment and so mentally stimulating,” she said.

Mfeka’s life motto is “the sky is the baseline”, which can be interpreted as “you should constantly push yourself to do better”.

Growing up

She has always loved planes from a very tender age, 5. Her mum and grandma often took her to see air shows at Virginia Airport near the East-coast city of Durban.

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“We would park at the side of the airport and watch the planes take off. It was all very exciting,” she said in a press release SAAF.

Her fascination grew even stronger when her uncle brought a book on career options in mathematics and sciences

“As I turned a page, I saw a recruitment article by the South African Air Force (SAAF). 

“My grades were really good at school and I met the entry requirements. I was thrilled.”

“From the moment I discovered the SAAF, I knew that’s what I wanted to do and I haven’t looked back.”

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Combat Fighters

They are responsible for protecting friendly units from enemy air, ground and naval forces.

These forces strike against enemy forces and targets, they also protect or defend against enemy planes.

When sharing about her journey to becoming a combat pilot, she said, “It has been an amazing experience. This is such a dynamic environment and so mentally stimulating.

“I love it because I’m growing in my technical expertise and learning more about aerodynamics.”

“I look at the fact that when I am on the airplane, the aircraft knows no sex. Everything depends on my input, no matter my gender.”



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