Lakiha Spicer biography: Everything we know about Mike Tyson’s third wife

Lakiha Spicer (born 11 June 1977 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is the real name of the famous Kiki. She gained popularity for being the wife (third) of the legendary Mike Tyson.

The legendary professional boxer was in the news lately for announcing his comeback in sports. The boxer’s lifestyle has also made people grow interested in his life including his wife Kiki.

After he made his 3rd marriage public, his fans couldn’t wait to see who captured the heart of the fierce boxer.


Lakiha Spicer biography
Lakiha “Kiki” Spicer gained popularity for being the wife (third) of the legendary American boxer Mike Tyson. Photo: SportsDiet365 (Edited).
NameLakiha Spicer
Other namesKiki Tyson
Born11 June 1977 (age 44 years)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
ParentsShamsud-Din Ali and Faridah Ali
HusbandMike Tyson
ResidenceSeven Hills, Navada, USA


Kiki, as she is popularly known, was born on 11 June 1977 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States. She hails from a mixed ethnicity and was welcomed into an African-American Muslim family.

Her parents, Shamsud-Din Ali and Faridah Ali have a strong background in Islam. Her father is notable for being the imam, one who leads Muslim worshippers in prayer, of the Philadelphia Masjid.

In Islam, he was an influential cleric around West Philadelphia. Though she is not the only child of her parents, Kiki has an older brother Azheem Spicer. He gave her a three years age gap.


Speaking of her educational background, Kiki had her academic pursuit at a local high school in Philadelphia.


Lakiha Spicer children
Lakiha Spicer, her husband and children. Photo:

Lakiha “Kiki” Spicer is married to popular legendary American boxer, Mike Tyson. The heavyweight boxer gained prominence for his amazing skills in the ring. He has won many prestigious titles in boxing.

The boxing juggernaut has been married twice, he married Robin Givens (1988-1989) and Monica Turner (1997-2003). His third wife, Kiki did not know about him recently. She knew about the boxer since her childhood days.

She had the opportunity of watching his matches live since her father and the American promoter Don King were friends. 

At 18, Kiki met the heavyweight boxer after she followed her father to his (Mike) matches. On 9 June 2009, they became husband and wife after exchanging their marital vows. 

The wedding ceremony was held “privately” at the La Bella Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas Hilton hotel. Kiki converted to Christianity after getting married to Tyson.


Kiki and her husband Mike currently live in Seven Hills in Henderson, Nevada. The celebrity couple owns a “lavish six-bedroom home. The luxury home cost them $2.5m in 2016.


Their union is a fruitful one and blessed with two lovely children. They welcomed their first daughter Milan Tyson in December 2008. After 3 years, the couple welcomed another child Morocco Elijah Tyson.


She appeared in the news for being involved in a corruption case that involved her family members. Kiki was sentenced to house arrest and 4 years probation.

After 4 years, Kiki was convicted of “fraud and criminal conspiracy”. She received a 6 months sentence in federal jail. The sentence was for being involved in defrauding her father’s company of £60,000.

In her claims, she taught Mathematics courses in the Sister Clara Muhammad School. Later, it was discovered that Kiki used the academic institution for money laundering.

Her mother was also a mastermind in the scam, she served over a one-year sentence in prison.


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