Jasmine Opperman biography, ACLED, education, twitter & services

Jasmine Opperman is the former Director of Africa Desk at Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC). She is also an analyst at the Islamic Theology of Counter-Terrorism.


Jasmine Opperman biography
Jasmine Opperman former Director of Africa Desk at Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC)

During her time of service as the Provincial head, she was active in senior Government liaison. Premiers, MECs, and Ministers were included.

She also was commissioned as the Senior Trainer at the Intelligence Academy.

Jasmine focused on analysis, operational analysis, counter-terrorism, low-intensity conflict, and intelligence management.

She also has experience in information management and also compiling both tactical and strategic analysis products.

She has consulted many diverse companies on finding solutions to the challenges they face.

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For 19 years, she worked under the position of the provincial head with South African domestic Intelligence service National Intelligence Agency (NIA).


She is a terrorism analyst at The Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED).

She believes that the warning posted on the Islamic State website was largely propaganda.

Jasmine also does not predict Islamic State cells in the country planning an attack as some terrorist experts do.

She further questioned if the government was prepared enough and has the capacity of protecting its citizens.



She has skills in methodological risk analysis and also the management of intelligence processes. It comes from her 19 years of employment in formal intelligence structures.

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The experience she gained during her years of service as provincial head for Eastern Cape province in South Africa.

Her proficiency includes operations, counterintelligence, covert activities, and analysis.

After Jasmine left the intelligence community, she has since been active in many other projects.

The projects are related to business risk and process analysis assists with the transformation of risk to the business opportunity. 

She has primary interests that are related to Africa’s political and economic trends and developments.

Jasmine is also interested in the impact they make on several business sectors.


She attended the University of Johannesburg from where she obtained a master’s degree in History.

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She has also published many articles for the local media. Jasmine has also had many interview sessions with major TV networks in the country and Nigeria. 

Today, she is the only director who is active in deradicalization programs in South Africa. Jasmine has made a successful intervention in five (5) out of seven (7) of such programs.

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