Ivy Nkutha biography: age, profile, education, husband, car theft

Ivy Nkutha (born in Alexandra) is a popular face in the South African acting industry. Known for her exceptional way of making her role look real, she gained popularity for appearing as Gog’ Flo in Generations: the Legacy.

Climbing the heights to the level that she is now did not come easy. She had encounters with challenges and happenings of tragic nature but did not let them weigh her down.

The veteran actress is a popular name on the lips of many television viewers.


Ivy Nkutha biography
Veteran actress Ivy Nkutha. Image: Twitter.com, @poppulsesa.
NameIvy Nkutha
Born20 August 1940 (age 81 years)
NationalitySouth African
ProfessionNurse, actress
EducationIthute Community School
St Thomas Training Institution
GranddaughterNoluthando Maleka
Popular roleGog’ Flo in Generation

Early Life

She was born into a family of five, that’s right, Ivy, 81, has four siblings of which she is the eldest. Together with her siblings, Ivy was raised in Alexandra, her place of birth.

Her father’s demise when she was aged 13 in 1953 left her and her siblings under the care of their mother. Ivy’s mother died in 2008 when she was around sixty-eight.

After their mother died, she contributed to making her family (siblings) live comfortably.


The household name has an interesting background in education. She had her matriculation at Ithute Community School. Ivy furthered her academic pursuit at St Thomas Training Institution.

After completing her nurse training and landed a job as a nurse at Westrand Administration Board. There she practiced corporate nursing.

She closed the chapter of her practice as a nurse after she moved to a marketing organization.

Moving to a Dental Care School, Ivy then became a dental educator. The nature of her job made her travel across the country.

Ivy had one objective to fulfill as she travels. She aimed to educate bluchers on how to maintain a clean mean for the good health of the teeth of their customers.


Ivy Nkutha is a married woman and has beautiful children. She said ‘I do’ to the man of her life and has kept her marital vows for over 54 years.

The couple experienced a lot together, the challenges they overcame became the ingredient that spices up their love.

Even after being a married couple for over five decades, they are still in love with each other.

She is also a proud mother of two beautiful daughters. Ivy had a son but lost him to an infection – pneumonia.

Losing her son was a huge blow to herself, her husband, and their children.

Before fame

The actress shared her journey to stardom in an interview session with Move! According to her, she entered the industry for her granddaughter – Noluthando Maleka.

Her granddaughter is also a popular face on the screen for playing the role of Dudu in Yizo Yizo. You guessed right, she is in the entertainment industry.

To encourage her granddaughter, Ivy went with her to her debut audition. Noluthando who was 3 years went for a Stork margarine advert.

At first, Ivy’s mind was occupied with other thoughts and plans of which acting did not have space. Fortunately, Noluthando got the role in the commercial.

Entering the media industry was fruitful for the young actress, more gigs came knocking. Ivy who did not know what fate had planned for her accompanied her grandchild to the set of Soul City.

An acting invitation followed as the director asked: “if she could do a part for them”. She tried it out and the director was impressed with her performance and then she got a job.

She played the role of a patient’s grandmother on Soul City. That marked the first step she made in her journey in the media industry.


Like her grandchild, she seemed to have impressed many with her debut appearance on screen. Followed by open doors, many productions offered her a chance to work with them.

In 1997, she was cast as Edward Mukwevho’s advisor in the television soap opera, created by Duma Ndlovu – Muvhango.

Landing a role in Isindigo followed, and then Ivy was cast on other series including City Ses’La and Zabalaza.

She first appeared as a guest actress on Generations. Later, she appeared on the soap opera as Gog’Flo. The character won the love of many viewers of the show.

The actress has a lot of good remarks to make about the movie industry. According to her, the industry has been amazing she the first time she entered.

Making more positive remarks, Ivy told Drum that she has been receiving the love she kicked off her acting career. 

Car Theft

Even though she has many good things to say about her experience in the industry. She still has some bitter stories to tell one of which was on her stolen car.

According to the news and media site Sowetan, Ivy lost her car in from of SABC’s Henley Studios, Johannesburg. The car was stolen during the shoot of the popular soap opera Generations. 

After she had finished in the evening, around 4, she was confused with the view of the free parking spot where her car had been. Trying to explain, she says that she had arrived around 11:40 am. 

The car was no longer there when she got to where she had parked it. The whole incident was shocking to the veteran actress who stood in disbelief.


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