IIndman Biography: Age, Label, Visual, Net Worth, Musics

IIndman (born 25 November 1992), with the real name Phenyo Kgaffe, is a South African visual artist and electronica producer.

Apart from being a visual artist, he has done incredibly well in the foundation of electronic music in South Africa.

Phenyo Kgaffe
Phenyo Kgaffe biography
Phenyo Kgaffe, best known as IIndman (pronounced “second man”), is an electronica producer and visual artist.
Background Information
Name:Phenyo Kgaffe
Other names:Tlhap • IIndMan • MuthafuckinIIndman
Born:25 November 1992 (age 29 years)
Place of birth:Mahikeng, North West
Nationality:South African
Genre:Electronica • experimental • hip hop
Occupation:Musician • visual artist
Labels:MARS & earτн. sun. мoon
Years active:2009 – date
Net Worth:$300,000

Early Life

IIndman was born Phenyo Kgaffe on 25 November 1992 in a small town called Mahikeng located in the North West province of South Africa.

Although he created visual arts, as a hobby, decided to try out music and then began to take and record his music into the DAW – FL Studio in 2007. 

A few years later, in 2019, he started to work on Rebel Without a Pause, an album, with Mo’Molemi. At sixteen he was already a producer and the brain behind the song Lefika-Town feat. Spikey of Lyv Records.

Working with AKA of the I.V League, Phenyo did visual work for the SA Hype Magazine Hip Hop Awards. He worked in advertising and marketing visuals for music events in the country.

Apart from his career as a visual artist, he works on laying the foundation for the country’s electronic music speaks for him. Some of Phenyo’s works were dropped far back in 2013.


In 2007, he started to do music in the DAW – FL Studio to record songs. However, he continued with doing creating visual art as a hobby.

He started to work with Mo’Molemi on the album “Rebel Without a Pause” in 2009. He produced the song titled Lefika-Town feat. Spikey.

He did visual work with AKA of the I.V League for the SA Hype Magazine Hip Hop Awards. He has also done advertising and marketing visuals for African music events. 


He started to do electronica, together with it with abstract artwork. The artist dropped his first electronic EP in 2015 titled La Bella Vita EP. The 6-tracked EP made waves in the music industry.

He also dropped a single collaborating with Camilla Luna, a Norwegian singer. He has also made a rework of the song by ECHLN titled honey. IIndman has a way of combining unique tones and stands out in his work.


He visits Tumblr to get pictures as a source to inspire him and also experiment on the computer. He began with editing making use of Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Paint to made designs of posters and abstract art.

He started to work with Adobe Photoshop in 2009 and started to create pictures with an urban-vintage tone in a dark futuristic environment.

The internet provided him with a platform to reach more audiences and also it inspired him. Other talented visual artists have inspired him like Mark Ryden, James Turrell, Oleg Dou, and others.



  • 2014 – Flowers Rework
  • 2015 – Moment In Time feat. Camilla Luna & Emamkay
  • ECHLN – Honey feat. Hunter Rose


  • 2013 – 1707 (as Muthafuckiniindman)
  • 2015 – La Bella Vita

Beat tapes

  • 2015 – Polaroids Beattape


The internet created him with the chance to meet and connect with more people. The global computer network provided him with enough reach to meet clients and sources to inspire his work.

However, there are visual artist heavyweights who inspired him including Marcel Van Der, Mark Rydens, Oleg Dou, and Amy Judd. 

Other notable personalities who inspired him include Sara Golish, Vanessa Beecroft, Ruud van Empel, and James Turrell.

Net Worth

IIndman has built himself a strong fan base and is gaining prominence across South Africa. The music industry is incomplete without mentioning this unique artist.

He works under MARS and his works are published by Earth Sun Moon. According to The Nation, IIndman is worth around $300,000.


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