Gibson Makanda Biography, Conspiracy, Image, Facts, Video & Mandela Effect

Gibson Makanda was born out of the controversy surrounding the death of Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa.

Many people believe that Nelson Mandela died even before the end of the apartheid.

Nelson mandela
Nelson Mandela or Gibson Makanda

Others believe that he died and was replaced by another fake trained personnel. The big question is who is Gibson Makanda and how is he related to the former South African president.

Gibson Makanda Image

The picture below is claimed to be a FaceApped photo of young Nelson Mandela which happens to look different from his original self at old age.

This picture also played a notable role in the Mandela effect, since the picture did not look like Nelson Mandela at old age.

Who was Nelson Mandela?

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was an anti-apartheid revolutionary, political leader, and philanthropist who served as President of South Africa ( 1994-1999).

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He was the first black head of state and the first elected in a fully representative democratic election in South Africa. He also served as President of the African National Congress (ANC) party (1991-1997).

Gibson Makanda Controversy

After everyone waved the FaceApp trend goodbye, a Twitter user brought up yet another. He FaceApped the old photo of Nelson Mandela to prove the theory he called the Mandela Effect.

The wave tripled on Twitter as a user by the username @Jether_Calypso tweeted three FaceApped pictures of Mandela. 

The pictures looked different clearly from the Old aged Mandela we knew and captioned it, “Huh… Guys, it wasn’t him.”

The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect could be referred to the circumstance in which many people remember imperfectly the events and cause of the death of Mandela. 

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Many people including thousands of South Africans think Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, died in prison, even before his loss was made public.

Many believed he died way earlier than he did, some are convinced he kicked the bucket in the 80s while others argue he died actually in 2013.

Even with the stories about his death on the internet, these people attest to having a memory of his death is widely covered in the media at the time it happened.

Gibson Makanda Video

Considerable facts

Gibson Makanda biography
SOURCE; The real Nelson Mandela died in 1985 – Thread Reader

Many who believe that the real Nelson Mandela died in 1985, said he was replaced by a hired oke by the name Gibson Makanda. 

They further explained that the apartheid government performed surgery on Gibson. They also trained him to walk, talk like Mandela.

Nelson Mandela was murdered in 1985 and his date of birth is 1918. This is why we celebrate 67 minutes on his birthday because he died 67 years ago in prison.

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His ex-wife, Mam’Winnie, probably discovered the man she got married to and divorced him.

Many critics defend Mandela following the accusation that “Mandela sold us out”. They argue that the Mandela that went to jail isn’t the same one that came out.

He was Mandela but how possible is it for someone to go to jail for 27 years fighting for a country. After his release, comes out to serve a term as president for that same country he fought for. 




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  1. Ntholi William Selebalo

    I am so much confused.

    1. We are on the same page here, don’t know what to believe!!!


    1. Makhanda? Are you talking about Makhanda the one who was born 1780? And so around 1990 he fake Mandela meanining he was 210yrs old and died 2013 when he was 233 please dont fool us

  3. Anything is possible i cant deny pr agree but jah all this thing is confusing & the song Asimbonang umandela lapho aphelele khona.the speculation could be possible & only his family knows the truth.the question is why was he replaced?& i believe there is a good reason for that

    1. Yhoo.. speechless indeed..I’m confused..I don’t really know what to believe 🤔

    2. According to me the reason of him being replaced is because he was the only spear left to be used by the south Africans to get the freedom we having today

      If wasn’t so the whites were going to get any chances of getting away with these apartheid thing they did before.

  4. This story its very true Mandela died in 80s
    Jonny cleg sang about this and people ingored the message, why did winnie Mandela dumb the busted its becouse she would not marry a stranger

  5. Why should we have to argue with this today after such a long time, especially after there deaths, the truth is gone then!

  6. The late Steve Bantu Biko once stated that “The apartheid regime system would not keep you,not unless if it wants to use you”.So,why would the system keep you so long for nothing?

    This clearly shows that,they were busy training this Gibson political stooge.

  7. We are living in secret society,so anything can happen, we don’t know what’s happening behind walls.

  8. Ummmm these white peoples are evil thats why they hated Mugabe

    1. Mugabe was a real man who stick in the truth are

  9. Sell outs but we need the truth even now. Where is the real Mandela?

  10. Whydo we celebrate the 67 minutes kanti

  11. Am glad have come across this because for a long time have always believed that Mandela wasn’t the greatest leader coz in my view he betrayed the African revolution by leaving key economic sectors in the hands of the white settlers. This deception or truth affirms my doubt about the sellout the world 🌍 the European in particular celebrates as the greatest while ignoring Pan Africanist like Dr Mugabe, Dr Kaunda Patrice Lumumba, Nkwame Nkuluma, Gaddafi, Thomas Sankara etc…we need to find out what happened to Mandela!!

  12. For a long time I have always believed that Mandela wasn’t the greatest leader coz in my view he betrayed the African revolution by leaving key economic sectors in the hands of the white settlers. This deception or truth affirms my doubt about the man I have always believed was a sellout. Europe brainwashed us by making us believe that Mandela was great because he preached reconciliation and forgiveness while ignoring the true objectives of the revolution…how can a man who fought against apartheid embrace the same people who oppressed the indigens of the land. I for one the true Pan Africanist were Dr Mugabe, Dr Kaunda(alive) Patrice Lumumba(lt), Nkwame Nkuluma(lt), Col Gaddafi(lt), Thomas Sankara(lt) etc…we need to find out what happened to Mandela!! Because if the Europeans killed sitting presidents how can they imprison fail to kill a political prisoner whom they consider a threat to their continue holding on to power. #The true can never be hidden forever

  13. Athi-Enkosi Mapukata

    This is really interesting. It would make perfect sense to kill a threat and replace it with an imposter, who is not only trained to be the deceased but help the evil regime reinvent itself in another form while blindsiding the majority of the population, convincing people we have been liberated. Truths we never defeated the apartheid regime. It is still much Alive. Segregation and racism have not been completely eradicated. Many of the apartheid systematic policies are still alive and still shape today’s society. Black people have not yet obtained social and economic liberation. We still live in inhuman conditions, squashed up in the ghetto in small tiny tin shacks, working for white capitalist monopoly. Even political power is coming concentrated in the hands of the minority. Bout vote doesn’t determine out condition, how we live and were we stay, service delivery but only who should be in power, and set the laws that determine our lives even when they’re against out will and don’t fully represent us. So in order to blindside the angry black majority who suffered under the brutality and torture of the apartheid and colonial government before that, they had to create this idea of a rainbow nation, where all kinds of people from different backgrounds come together in unity despite the evident segregation and racism, and in difference that exist in our country. Accepting the idea of a rainbow nation and the idea of new democratic South Africa without economic and social liberation was the same as accepting the Bible from the settlers in exchange for our land and resources. It was not a fair deal. We got played again.Got manipulated through our leaders who were turned into puppets in exchange for power and money and promises of a good life in the so called post apartheid South Africa, were division is well and alive. I think they used this Gibson guy as the poster boy who helped South Africa transition peacefully into democracy, while pretending to be the real Nelson Mandela to decieve the majority of black South Africans because the apartheid regime was disfuctional and couldn’t maintain itself under the pressure from within the country and abroad. This whole thing was well ochestrated. To secure white capitalist monopoly.

    1. Well said 🙏salut

    2. Absolutely 💯

  14. Truth must be revealed and Our parliament must sort out this confusion.

  15. Who is this Makhanda man? why he agreed to make this thing(to fake our Mandela)? At some point it make sense but at the same time I do not want to believe this because it will hurt me. I think we(as South African and mandela’s family) do deserve the truth as hurting it will be. If this is a truth, well whites are evil.This whole story is confusing me.

    1. Ndanganeni Patrick

      No men, If it was true ANC was not gonna allow him to rule ANC men. There is no such thing. Mandela spoke a real fluent Xhosa language as well as South African English language, only if you know how Zimbabweans pronounce some words in English.

    2. im hurt as it is

  16. It makes sense now what i know was no camera were enter in mandela cell but now thereare videos. In fact why this grant money is only here in south africa and its all written mandela grant…..even today we don’t know about the meeting between him and the apartheid gorvement before his freedom……….we don’t have to run away from the truth…

    1. How did they find out about the faking of Mandela.. now we want to know that who is that true mandela who died in 80s.. so it means we grew up knowing fake Mandela? All those many years

  17. Because he died in 85 when he was 67 years old

  18. We need to reorganise and form a new revolutional party or revitalise the existing one which will embrace the whole Afro people of the world because the whole process was a fake!!!…The strugle continues… please read more about(UNIA & ACL) Marcus Garvey’s organization which was destroyed by the black’s enermies.

  19. This things is confusing us now, Why did they planned to fake Mandela huh, And we grew up knowing the fake one but this thing is unfair really

  20. I have been busy connecting the dots and it makes sense.

    1. Yonke Lento ithethwa apha bubuxoki kulahlekiswa abantu.Ngaba ngo 1990 uyokutsho ngo 2013 kwathini angabonwa ngotata Gatsha Buthelezi. Ngoba babefunda bonke University of Fort Hare baninzi ngotata Robert Mugabe babe funda bonke.Masinyanisekeni sanukusihlaza umntu makayazi into amakayibhale kulamaqonga.
      Inyani ngomntu mayivele esaphila hayi mnut sesweleseswelekile masihlakaniphe maAfrica.Enkosi

  21. N.M and G.M ,Both C I A

  22. Indeed a story which needs a deeper understanding. Europa are good at this . The second world war ‘s destiny could have gone either way had this plastic surguried man who faked Churchil not shivered. He had a face of Churchill and wanted to convene a meting parliament when he started to sweat profusely raising some suspicion . The intention from this imposters was to destroy England strategist and the whole parliament

  23. Ndanganeni Patrick

    There is no such thing, just stop fabricating stories. We were supposed to see Gibson’s family claiming his dead body. If Gibson was real in 1990, he was supposed to have his own wife and children already. Why did they remaining silents when Mandela was giving millions to his close family members. There’s no such thing. Just leave it like that.

  24. Why a foreigner ? i dont believe this at all

  25. I truly believe that mandela was fake, he never spoke Xhosa since he was released from prison, the likes of mbeki, Zuma and ramaphosa knows some thing, ramaphosa was nobody by then but now he is a president from no where,how can you wait for 27 years for your partner to get devorce when he’s realiesed from prison and get nothing after wards

  26. Same as 2pac story , the one who seen 2pac die knows the truth ,many know the truth,like silence is code of this crooked ass world , they bring this thing up cause somewhere somehow , there’s something more sinister they planning, White people are pure evil, and r using these so called liberated black rats as their scapegoats every time , watch the space. Same as many people embrace Martin Luther King than Malcolm X , y’all open ur eyes , the real always suffer the injustice of this crooked world more

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