Evodia Mogase biography, family, divorce, RHOJ, Cars, Birthday & Place of birth

Evodia Mogase (Born in Diepkloof, Soweto) is a South African reality TV star. She is famous for making an appearance on the reality TV show Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

Before gaining a television audience, she was a teacher and also a caterer. Evodia owned a catering business and is popularly addressed as ‘Madame’ by her fans and followers.

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Evodia Mogase biography
“Evodia Mogase Officially Confirms She’s Leaving RHOJ”

She is a mother to (2) daughters namely Mercy Mogase and Princess Mogase.

Her daughter Mercy is a businesswoman and a model. She co-starred on Real Housewives of Johannesburg alongside her mother.


After Evodia divorced her husband, who she accused of cheating, she separated from him with only the cloth she wore.

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She spent two (2) years of her life living in a caravan as she didn’t want to return to her parents.

“I was married but my ex-husband, who passed away last year, was cheating with different girls and one day I decided to call it quits and filed for divorce.”

“I helped him to build a successful panel beating firm in Limpopo, but left him with everything for the sake of peace.

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“When I left him, I left with nothing. The only thing I had were the clothes I was wearing.” 

Place of birth

Evodia’s place of birth is in Diepkloof, Soweto. 


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Blessed morning @mercymogase @zerbapath_hair_n_beauty_salon 💚😘😘

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She celebrates her birthday annually on the 17th of November. She rather not announce her age to the public.


She obtained a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Limpopo.


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Upon graduation from the university, she picked up a teaching job as a biology teacher. 

After teaching for a year, Evodia decided to set up her business. She felt that teaching was less challenging.

She also got a job at Eskom, a power company, as a vegetation manager.

She is an independent member of Herbalife. Evodia plans on starting a panel beating business because of her love of cars.


Speaking of her role on Real Housewives of Johannesburg, Evodia wants to show young women that they can make their money.

They need not marry or date a rich husband to get ahead in life. Though rumors have it that several stars may leave the show following a payment dispute.


She enjoys a lavish lifestyle and still received gifts from her husband who gave her a Mercedes-AMG E 63 S.

This adds to her car collection which includes a Porsche Cayenne and a Mercedes-Benz A 250.

Plastic Surgery

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2020 with Madam 😘😘❤️❤️

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Evodia shared that she only underwent breast implant surgery. Though this is her only plastic surgery, she sees nothing wrong with it.



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  1. Hi I really love the show

  2. Hello Madam I love you alot and would like to meet you one day…I also run a NPO for Young mother’s would like for you to come even if its 5 minutes…my email is zandilenxumalonjb@gmail.com

  3. She is a bullie.she just needs to just sit at home. She is very old

    1. Girl stop being a hater . Get a life and stop hating on people’s lives . They focus on themselves and u should too instead of saying that she is “ugly” when she is not. Yes sometimes she can be bitchy sometimes but that doesn’t define who she is. She is pretty than u that I can say. Even though I don’t know you and where u from. Leave their lives

  4. Madamme you are stunning….I like your personality

    1. Madam just read your Biography on Facebook, woman m so impressed, the fact that you walked out of your failed marriage with only the clothes on your body,O mpsa xeim bona o madam I salute you girl, Im out of words I don’t need handouts I just need to work and build myself but m so stuck, unemployed with a Bachelor’s degree kindly advise!
      Highly impressed

  5. she finds it difficult to keep her mouth shut for one second. the uncutt umbilical cord makes her overtake everyone on the show. She just irritates me. She is so ratchet it makes me sick

    1. Aybo , she is doing the most in life and if u don’t have anything nice to say, rather keep it to yourself . What have you achieved in life that is so big and that makes u feel the need to say such awful things .

  6. Hello madam my name is Lindie, like your energy. Please can I meet you 1day like you to be my mentor

  7. Hi Madam!Bona monyana wetsho.Ke ya go akgola Mma.On you first show ya Madam & Mercy i slept so happy i even dreamed about you my sister.Your such an encouragement to me and my 2 girls.Pula Mma

    1. you are such an encouragement lady…you taught me to never give up in life..you made my day after reading your story..Thank you dear stay blessed!!!

  8. What an inspiration you are to many women out there
    I Love your energy
    I Love the Zeal you have in life.

  9. You life is motivating,
    I look foward to watching your show.

  10. Tracy pheby mabara

    Dear mother I’m writing this letter in tears 😭.. I’m stucked with no job no income but I have little money which I can start a business.. I will be more happy if you can help to build my own Empire 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  11. Hi madam my name is marvin Moodley I am a construction consultant based in Durban. I am really impressed the way you drive progress and leadership.

    1. Madame I jst wish hore one o tle mo magaegaeng
      U rely so amazing .ke rata le u face
      M so inpired by u
      Modimo a go thuxe

  12. Dear Madam
    Your character is perfect, never adjust anything sesi.O ka se kgotsofatša batho ka moka. You are what God created, people got demons of jealousy. Your energy is excellent.But my dearest madam teach Mercy to be humble & don’t spoil her too much, o senyega.

    1. Hi cc I love your work you are an inspiration to us as woman I luv you a lot keep up a good work… I also feel sorry for what you’ve been through it shows that there is always a light at the end of tunnel luv you 💙💙💙

  13. My younger brother introduced me to Madame’s show,he really adores her you would hear him saying what Madame wants Madame gets.We love you sis.

  14. Hello,

    My daughter loves and is so inspired by you.unfortunatly She is studying in Russia and she is unable to follow your new series.

    She had hoped she would visit in June/July and binge on the new series. Unfortunately the lockdown has affected her plans.

    Thank you for enspiring my daughter.

  15. Oh I love this woman she inspires me so much, good luck in everything you do,,,, you go girl KILL IT♥️♥️

  16. You go girl. Love your positive energy. Continue to inspire our next generation to things for themselves 👌👌👌

  17. Melody sakhile Radebe

    Hi Madame thanks for the spirit that you give women out there l am a business women but still crawling one day l would like to meet you and get some tips about being a business women as l would like to grow from my business.
    I appreciate the love and knowledge that you always sharing through the world go gal no one will stop you this is a calling to you.you are here to heal us physical and spiritual.

  18. U really inspire me woman, also went through the divorce, I believe God will give me strength also to overcome whatever situations. Ke leboga Modimo ka wena gore tsotlhe di a kgonega, nna ke ngwana wa di 18 Nov, I know we are go getters, hard working people, we don’t give up,instead we pursue. Bless you

  19. Hello madame I am karabo id like to say thanks for inspiring me and making me to be inspired I am a student and my family is struggling
    I always watch your show I make sure I never miss it you make me to be the women who has goal’s and Vision in life I always pray to God that one day I get a chance to meet you
    Because you always help the ones who are struggling and I believe that one day I’ll get help from you because you really inspire me and people like us who are struggling we need you so that we can also help the ones who are not privileged
    God bless you and keep doing the good work

  20. Hi madame im a horticulturalist with a lot of expirience and a graduate i see we both have same interest and can bring a lot into your company my email mathabiswana29@gmail.com. cellphone 0766000605 please contact me NM MOYO

  21. Use not to love u when the show started but after watching n observing can see you have good n such caring person love u you to bits I agree with your sister felt jealous with generosity u have n was like what a giver

  22. Hellow madam im thobile dyubeni and I used to watch your program with mercy in Chanel 161 one day I like you to come and visit us in our school I’m in pongola area ncotshane township my cell number is 0738239485 my email address dyubenithobile@gmail.com. Thank you

  23. Hello madam ke gorata kudu o bontsha basadi ba goswana gore divorce ga se bo humi you can do your business at your own lenna ke divorced ke tswile le bana fela.

    1. Hi Madam , a lady in style , is not long time I’ve been watching your program but I really like your approach to life and people at large, that’s why you so successful coz you give . Blessed is the hand that give . Thanx for teaching us women a lesson. I’m in business as well and want to give back to my community. Luv u lady

  24. Madam and Mercy live your life and keep doing good in the communities Let no one stop you from doing what you want.


  25. Wow madam I love you even my 5years old daughter she loves you alot you are her role model.

  26. Maki you have shown your qualities when you you were still attending high school at Bethanie Lerothodi High . I praise you for that. Thanks

  27. Good Girl

  28. I am really inspired by Evodia we used to call her Maki when she was attending High school at Lerothodi Bethanie

  29. Hi madame.You are indeed a great inspiration.I have some tips to give you that can help your mom’s feet get better and how she can deal with the issue of feeling sick after having some cold drink.

  30. Hello my role model MADAM EVODIA MOGASE … I wish to be mentored by you from this early age as I’m still 17 … I’m a girl who’s determend to be independent but I wonder how ? I one day wish to see me helping people out of love …but my work is to dream and pray then GOD will decide …. Pls get back to me 😭 I’m motivated by your stories

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