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Elaine mukheli is a South African RnB / trap soul singer and songwriter. She gained her music inspirations from her experiences and of those she loves.

Her sound is unique and is a mixture of trap soul beats. Her lyrics are catchy with soothing and mellow tones. 


Elaine singer Biography
Elaine singer photo

According to her profile on Spotify, Elaine is 20 years old.

Music Passion

At the age of six (6), she started singing in her school choir. It was her first time to sing a solo in front of an audience.

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She then began to join choirs from primary until high school. She learned different types of music, styles.

Her inspirations are mainly from Rnb artists like Lauryn Hill and Beyonce.

“Most of my inspiration comes from Rnb artists. I absolutely love Lauryn Hill and Beyoncé, and how they’re able to open up about any type of feeling or experience so effortlessly and gracefully.

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“I’m quite a sensitive person, and I feel that Rnb gives me the platform to truly engage and confront how I feel.” she shared with HYPE Magazine.

Since then, Elaine’s taste for music has developed and evolved choral music RnB and trap soul.

She told BONA Magazine that she has always been passionate about music and participated in many school and talent show competitions.

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Record Label

Elaine is currently an independent artist, therefore, doesn’t belong to any record label yet.

“To be an independent artist and have my music do so well has been inspiring.”


  • Reaching number one on the Apple Music charts.
  • Featured on international shows such as the Joe Budden podcast and Ebro Darden’s radio show.
  • The top 10 Apple Music RnB playlists and Metro FM Top 40. 


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  • Say it
  • When we’are alone
  • I/You
  • You’re the one
  • Changes
  • I just wanna know
  • Risky


She made mention that Elements is a personal project she dedicated to herself. Her EP’s inspiration is driven by elements that come with love.

“Elements is a personal project, dedicated to myself. I wanted to prove to myself that I am capable and worthy of following and achieving my dreams.

“My EP is inspired by the different elements that come with love; both the good and bad. 

“The process of putting it together was long but worth it, taking just over a year to complete. I was careful and intentional in picking the producers that I worked with. 

“I chose them according to their work ethic, values, and sound. I wanted something distinct and warm, with a lot of attitudes.” She told Bona Magazine.


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