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Dee Koala is a South African-born up-coming rapper who hails from Cape Town. She has been doing rap publicly since 2016. 

She dropped a single she titled Koala. The single was among her 6-track EP 18-18.


Dee Koala biography
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According to Okayafrica, Dee Koala is 20 years old.


She started her rapping career in English and began as a poet in primary school.

“We were doing an arts and culture task in class,” she says. “I went to a Muslim school, with mostly colored students.

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“Every other kid in there, they didn’t know how to do this rap task. We had to write a verse and perform it in front of the class,” she says.

As a good writer, her classmates would ask for her help to write verses. 

“I didn’t go out of the class and go play during [break time].

“I stayed in the class, read a book or write some lines. That interval everyone came to me on some, ‘can you please help me? 

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“Can you please write to me, we know you can rap.’ I had to write verses for like 20 kids.” she shared

She thought she was going to be a poet but had a second thought that the poet is too lame for her.

Rap Career

Following her rapping decision in her language, Dee says; “I was like I don’t wanna sound like everyone else. 

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All my other friends who are rapping, what’s gonna set me apart from them? 

I needed that thing that would set me apart from just being female. So I did that, and the rest is history.” said the rapper

Dee has worked with other new age Cape Town hip-hop artists and crews. Artists she has recorded with include such as 9Ether, FLVK, KHALIFONICATION, LuRah and of course Amilca, and others.


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Music Video

Dee Koala exceptional music pushed Motion Billy, a Cape Town-based music video director, to offer to shoot the video for “Whuzet”.

“I thought I should shoot a video for “Whuzet” because I had already seen clips of her performing,” says Billy. 

“It’s rare to see a young Cape Town kid controlling hundreds of these kids, and they were singing along to her songs.”


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