Cleophas Malala biography, age, wife, weight loss & family

Cleophas Malala (born 30th June 1985 in Kakamega County) is a Kenyan politician and scriptwriter. He is currently serving as the Senator for Kakamega County.


Cleophas Malala biography
Cleophas Malala is a renowned Kenyan politician.
NameCleophas Malala
Age35 years old
Date of birth30 June 1985
Place of birthKakamega County
BirthdayJune 30th
WifeCaroline Malala


His date of birth is on the 30th of June 1985 and the place of birth is in Mahiakalo Ward, Kakamega County. Cleophas Malala is 35 years old. His birthday comes up every year on June 30th.

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Senator Cleophas Malala is married Caroline Malala. Though lately her husband was denied the right to see his family and medical attention.

“It is unfair for someone to accuse my husband of such grave crime without proof. This is just meant to tarnish his name,” said the wife.


The senator was born into the family of Martha Malala (mother) and David Malala (father). 

Weight loss

A twitter user, Eric Amerix, @amerix claimed that the senator is his client. He further noted that the senator has lost 27 kgs and has to lose 17 kgs more.

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“Today I met with my fat loss client Senator Cleophas Malala. He has since lost 27 Kgs. He has 17 Kgs more to lose. 

“I have encouraged him not to lose the momentum, not to listen to people but to soldier on. Good progress”. 


He is a scriptwriter and politician. Cleophas was a Kakamega senatorial candidate, he won the seat in the 2017 general elections on ANC Party.

He was also the MCA for Mahiakalo Ward, Kakamega County for four years (2013-2017).

Before politics, he was a scriptwriter and director for Colleges and schools. He was also a resident lecturer at East Africa Media Institute.

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