Ayanda Nzimande Biography: Age, Net Worth, Education, Scandal & Tattoo

Ayanda Nzimande (born 26 December 1995) is a South African actress best known for her role as Aya from Scandal! The 25-year-old has been able to play the role very well that many could doubt her age.

Ayanda Brandy Nzimande
Ayanda Nzimande biography
Ayanda Nzimande walked into the limelight for being cast in the South African soap opera Scandal!
Background Information
Name: Ayanda Brandy Nzimande
Popular role: Aya from Scandal!
Born: 26 December 1995 (age 25 years)
Ethnicity: Black
Nationality: South African
Gender: Female
Complexion: Brown
Tattoo: Yes
Boyfriend • Partner: Not Disclosed
Children: N/A
Occupation: Actress

Early Life

Ayanda Nzimande was born on 26 December 1995 and had her childhood experience in Cape Town and Durban. She grew up under the care of a single parent and has a sister who is older than she is.

Since her childhood days, the actress had always wanted to act, although at first, she wanted to be an astronaut. As a child, she wanted to be close to stars.


Ayanda Nzimande was cast as Aya in the South African soap opera titled Scandal! In an interview session, she tried to share how happy she was to be on Scandal! and described the feeling as being blessed.

Ayanda has now landed the opportunity of acting alongside many renowned and celebrated actors. She underwent theatre training and had also appeared on television in a small role in a show.

According to her, this is her break and she did not fail to be grateful for where she is at the moment. The actress had always watched the show and could only wish that she made it to the cast.

The character, Aya is fifteen but she has managed to gain the hearts of the viewers through her exceptional acting skills.

Aya from Scandal

Narrating how she landed the role in an interview session, Ayanda sent in a self-taped audition after getting the info from her agent.

Later, after a month, she got a callback but was unable to answer the call since she was on set. At that time, she was playing the role of Mbali in the MNet show titled The Legacy.

After further attempts, she couldn’t meet up with time and decided to do a second audition. After two hours upon leaving the audition, her agent notified her that she got the role.

Social Media

On social media, Ayanda Brandy Nzimande has managed to grow her presence. The platform has created the opportunity for fans to follow up with her and get to know more about her outside the screen.

Have you seen her tattoo? The beautiful actress decorated her skin with a drawing at the shoulder region of her right hand. She has over 54.7k followers on Instagram.

Among her talents are singing and dancing and the actress has appeared in musicals.


  • Aya in Scandal!
  • Mbali in The Legacy

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