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Angus Buchan is an Envengelist born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Rhodesia). He is also a Christian Author based in South Africa.

The Buchans founded the Shalom Ministries in 1980 with the vision to preach in his local community. It had its main objective to go out to preach around Africa.


Angus Buchan Biography
Angus Buchan The farmer with a heart for God, His Word, and prayer.
NameAngus Buchan
Age72 years old
Date of Birth5 August 1947
Place of BirthBulawayo, Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Rhodesia)
OccupationFarmer, Evangelist
RoleChristian, Evangelist
SpouseJill Buchan
MinistryShalom Ministries
ResidenceGreytown, South Africa


His date of birth is on the 5th of August 1947 while his birthplace is Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Rhodesia). As of 2019, Angus Buchan is 72 years old.

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He is happily married to Jill Buchan and the couple by God’s grace has 5 children namely Andrew, Lindi, Robyn, Fergus, and Jilly.


A Mustard Seed: A Daily Devotional, Fathers and Sons (eBook): Building a Strong and God-honoring Relationship


“His teachings reinforce male relational power and present “soft patriarchy”, with men assuming leadership roles that demand submission and obedience from women.”

“His teachings fail to address the key issue of political or economic reconciliation between black and white South Africans. The fact that his followers are mostly white has been suggested to be a response to the fear of black leadership and the diminishing white control of political and economic power.”

“He has made unsubstantiated claims of healing the sick at his services.”

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Latest News

‘Angus Buchan’s apology for saying only Jews, Afrikaners share a covenant with God too pale’ – IOL

Port Elizabeth – The Christians of South Africa (Cosa) in a statement on Wednesday have rejected the apology of evangelist pastor Angus Buchan, for saying that only Jews and Afrikaners share a covenant with God.

“To us, this sugar-coated apology lacks reason, remorse, and sensitivity. The party is confident that this Angus Buchan has reached his sell-by-date and needs to retire with immediate effect,” Cosa said in its statement.

“In the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks,” Cosa said.

The organisation said that it would be hypocrisy to allow Buchan’s “uncontested credentials in the Christian community to cloud our approach to his neo-nazism statement of madness”, calling on every South African to distance themselves from Buchan.

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“This Verwoed descendant needs to wake-up to reality – God bless us all,” Cosa said.

The organisation said that the silence of the ACDP as the only Christian political party in Parliament was questionable.

“Christian fraternals and eldermans should join the country in condemning the regrettable utterance of this old man. Cosa is committed to transforming and uniting the body of Christ through any means possible,” the organisation said.


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