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Born Ami Faku is a South African singer and songwriter known for her music, she calls “modern Afro-soul”. The fastest rising star has a unique style of music as she blends soul with modern pop and traditional Afro-soul sensibilities.

She has released hit singles including “Love Drunk”, “Ubuhle Bakho,” “Ndikhethe Wena” which are repeatedly found on the SA radio chart.

Ami was featured in the single “Into Ingawe”, by Sun El-Musicians and this song is one of the current hits in the country. Within three (3) weeks after its release, the song reached one million streams.

The singer and songwriter claim her lyrics are honest. “My music is based on touching you in a certain way,” she says, adding, “I don’t have a wall, that’s my brand.”

Ami Faku Biography
Fast Uprising Star in Sout Africa – Ami Faku


She made her first public appearance in the industry through the Television talent show, The Voice SA, in 2017. Then she still performed music under her government name Amanda Faku.

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In an interview, she shared her experience on The Voice SA. “It’s just about never giving up, and knowing that you have something to offer, and knowing that you’ll be authentic and consistent.”

She was influenced by the church, reggae, hip-hop, and anything she listened to. 

“I knew I could sing in church. I’m influenced by church, reggae, hip-hop, and anything that I listen to. I look up to so many artists. I don’t have one idol, I have many. So I guess that influences how I approach my songwriting and my melodies.” she said

She discovered her music writing talent after her first visit to the studio at the age of 18. 

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Most times her music experience comes from her past experiences and sometimes from somebody else’s.

“Like the title track on my album Imali (money); I was once in a situation where I felt like things weren’t working out, and it was just darkness throughout. I’ve left that place, but I know there are people that are still there, and that song is basically about them, those who are praying and nothing is going well.”

“So, yeah, sometimes, it’s things I’ve experienced, things other people have experienced, and things I know that I’ve left people behind and they are still experiencing”, she said.

Record Label

Although Ami left the competition she caught the attention of the record label Vth Season. Ami Faku is currently signed to the record label Vth Season.

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“The honeymoon phase hasn’t ended yet, so we are very much still feeding each other strawberry (laughs). I’m having a great time. We are still very happy together. No complaints.”

“They don’t control an artist. You have the freedom to express yourself in whatever way you would like to in your music, they give you that.”

“So, for me, it doesn’t feel like I’m even signed. It just feels like I have people helping me get where I always wanted to be,” she explained.


  • Imali (2019)
  • Into Ingawe (2019)
  • Ungowam 
  • Ndiyeke (2019)
  • Lose You 
  • Ubuhle Bakho (2019)
  • Love Drunk – Single (2018)
  • Ndikhethe Wena (2018)
  • Inde Lendlela (2019)
  • Mbize (2019)
  • Babuyile (2018)



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