Alfred Ntombela biography, age, height, family, wife & films

Alfred Ntombela (born 3 April 1972) is a South African actor. He is famous for his small stature even as an adult and appearing in South African films including in Mama Jack.


Alfred Ntombela biography
Alfred Ntombela – Mr Bones scene 1 (Photo)

His date of birth is on the 3rd of April 1972, Alfred’s mother conceived him when she was young and unemployed. 

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His mother abandoned his father before his birth because Alfred’s dad was an albino and now, Alfred Ntombela is 47 years old.


Alfred Ntombela’s mother abandoned his father because she was afraid of being ostracized by the community for having a child with a white man. 

A few weeks after his birth, Alfred was abandoned by his mother and his mother’s uncle’s wife (aunt) took him and raised him.

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Luckily for Alfred, Ken Gampu, a late actor who starred in movies, was living a stone throw from their home. Upon discovering that he was in the movies, Alfred determined to meet him.

Alfred summoned courage and went to Ken’s door, knocked and introduced himself.

He then made his dream of joining the entertainment industry as an actor one day known. 

Alfred went further to tell him that he could imitate a phone, cat, and dog.

Ken found him a job at Heyns Films in Halfway House. Then he began to do kids’ program called Ikhaya Labantwana. The program became a huge hit in the early ‘80s. 

He did the program for five (5) years. The show finally grew to a multi-language show, with a combination of English and Zulu (with subtitles).

When Gampu heard that Leon Schuster sought for a child actor for one of his movies. Leon couldn’t find a child young enough for the role able to read a script. 

Gampu then took Alfred to the editing video where Leon was holding the casting.


Oh Shucks! Here Comes UNTAG (Kwagga Strikes Back) as Bambo (1993).

Sweet ‘n Short as Alfred Short (1991)

Alec to the Rescue as Themba Ndlovu (1999)

Mr. Bones (2001)

Oh Shucks, I’m Gatvol! as Alf (2004)

Mama Jack as Shorty Dladla (2005)

Mr. Bones 2 (2008)

Schuck Tshabalala’s Survival Guide to South Africa as Shorty (2010)

Mad Buddies as Minister Mda (2012)

Schuck! Your Country Needs You as Shorty (2013)


He is a husband and father. Alfred is married to Promise Malatji Ntombela and has two (2) children.

Following his childhood experience, he often speaks on how he strives to give his children the life he wasn’t opportune to enjoy.

“Through them, I feel like I’m having my childhood over.” He said.


Alfred stands 121.1 cm and is indeed thankful for his height. According to his statements on an interview section with Move Magazine. 

He said that height that he all those characters in Leon Schuster movies he featured.

“I wanted an opportunity to act, but I was afraid that no one would let me explore my talent because of my height. 

“But when I met Leon Schuster, he was always looking for teenagers for some roles and I was given an opportunity to act because of my height.”

Alfred also mentioned that his height and ability to read scripts gave him an edge in the industry. Most of the roles he played were those of seven (7) year old children. Which he did because children of that age were unable to read scripts yet.

“I got the chance to act because I could read scripts by then. My height helped me with my acting job.” Says the actor.


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